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Get The Most Out Of Your IT Budget

As businesses continue to grow their IT budgets they must Optimize their IT infrastructure investments to maximize their IT budget.

There is a growing chorus of voices that have predicted a jump in corporate IT budgets. Most notably Oracle CEO, Mark Hurd, was quoted by the WSJ saying:

“Spending on enterprise information technology is set to accelerate, after years of more modest growth, fueled by U.S. corporate tax cuts, global economic gains and a backlog of aaging corporate IT systems.”

Several factors have many thinking this year will see a spike in IT spending.


  • U.S. Corporate Tax Cuts
  • Aging Corporate IT Infrastructure
  • Growth of Global Economy
  • Advances and Adoption of Consumer Technology
  • Increase in Data Capturing, Processing, Analysis Demands

For businesses that are investing in their IT infrastructure, there are a few things to consider to get the most out of your IT purchases.

Am I getting the best deal on my IT equipment?

The more competitive the market, the better deal you are going to get. If you are a global enterprise, it is import to locate where that market is. In most cases, the US or UK will give you the best deals on IT equipment.

In a less competitive market, there is no reason for the reseller to bring down price. This results in IT buyers paying a premium even though the same exact gear is being sold.

The businesses that buy domestically in large volumes and work with a global logistics partner to deliver the gear globally, have seen significant cost savings.

Am I architecting my infrastructure to meet my customers/clients demands?

IT departments can fall into the trap of being reactionary to the needs of the enterprise and customer. This is not ideal, especially as continuous innovation demands IT infrastructure managers to be proactive and forward looking.

To be proactive, IT departments need to play a larger role in the success of the business. This means IT spending and network design must be directly connected with the strategic direction and goals of the organization.
A centralized hub that sources and fulfills IT infrastructure hardware will bring a strong sense of direction and continuity to the global network. In this way, the enterprise IT network can be built in line with the goals and needs of the business.

Am I building the right partnerships with manufacturers, OEMs, and VARs?

It is important to find technology manufacturers and resellers that work in your best interest.

It is important to find technology manufacturers and resellers that work in your best interest.

Many will explain that importing technology into X,Y, or Z country is impossible, thereby making purchases in country X, Y, or Z from a local VAR the only option. This is the case because your partner is either unaware of the options from the USA or they are protecting the international “channel” and its profit interests.

Partnering with VARs that have direct relationships with global logistics and import services can allow businesses to take advantage of all the benefits of centralized purchasing. By purchasing IT equipment at discounted prices domestically, you can work with an international logistics partner to import the IT gear into all your international offices and data centers.

What does a logistics partner have to do with my IT infrastructure?

An experienced global logistics provider allows you to take advantage of domestic pricing. The IT equipment you purchased for your global offices can then be delivered seamlessly with the right partner.

FGX provides a fully managed global logistics solution that allows you to import your IT hardware into over 130+ countries. We specialize in making sure your IT equipment is delivered to your international offices or data centers, with little to no effort by your international colleagues.