FGX doesn't sell hardware. Instead, you can buy your hardware from your preferred vendor, configure it, and then FGX will deploy it internationally. It's the fastest, most cost-effective, and secure solution for IT infrastructure people.

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Brazil case study

Case Study


$3 Million

Although Brazil has the world’s 9th largest economy (by GDP), the country is notorious for being one of the most complicated markets to do business in. Companies often have to support their offices and data centers but can’t get the IT hardware they need into the country.

Netherlands case study

Case Study


$8 Million

In this case study, a leading media provider needed to stand up a datacenter in Amsterdam. Since they didn’t have any local staff in Amsterdam, they needed FGX to deploy the equipment from the U.S. to Amsterdam and then provide smart hands services to manage all the post-delivery tasks.

Russia case study

Case Study


$12 Million

In mid-2016, Russia passed a bill known as the “Yarovaya law”. This legislation includes a vast data-eavesdropping and retention program, requiring companies doing business in Russia to record and store all customer communications for at least six months.

Centralized procurement

Case Study

Global Deployment


We interviewed a global technology firm that recently deployed to 59 sites across 30 countries with FGX. Learn how they were able to cut a single PO, purchase all of the hardware in the USA, and deploy it out to each destination.

FGX vs. competitors


FGX vs Shippers


Even though people assume UPS, DHL, and FedEx (known as hub-and-spoke shippers) can ship anything anywhere, you should think twice before handing off your critical IT hardware to one of these global giants.

How FGX Replaces the International VAR Network

Instead of working with a VAR in each international market, you can now source everything in the US. Once purchased, FGX will get the hardware where it needs to be, when you need it there, cheaper and quicker than the international VAR network.

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