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Centralize your global IT procurement

We’re IT hardware deployment experts that help centralize and future-proof your company’s global procurement.

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Freedom to source anywhere and deploy globally

What is the Centralized Procurement model?

It's a better way for you to procure IT hardware for your global infrastructure. By sourcing equipment from wherever and whomever benefits you the most, then deploying it globally with FGX, you will:


    By purchasing in the US and deploying to the global destination, you'll save 5 to 20% compared to purchasing in-country with a local VAR.


    By simplifying your IT sourcing process into one market, you'll save time and remove the burden of managing multiple foreign vendors.


    By leveraging trusted domestic vendors to handle physical assets rather than foreign entities, you'll have full visibility from dock to door.


    By having all the equipment ship from a centralized location, you can easily configure, asset-tag, and track all of your gear.

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Buy Local Ship Global

Where does FGX come in?

FGX's turnkey deployment platform enables you to ship IT hardware into over 155 countries, easily and stress free.

After you purchase the hardware from your preferred vendor, we'll deploy it to the destination country, door-to-door.

  • Logistics

    International Logistics

    We deploy IT hardware into over 155 countries via direct air-freight, managed entirely in-house, for fast and secure transit.

  • FGX Compliance


    We obtain any documentation, licenses, and permits required to ensure a smooth customs clearance process.

  • Importer of Record

    Importer of Record

    We can act as the local importer of record on your behalf, so you don't have to be involved in clearance.

  • FGX Project Management

    Project Management

    When you work with FGX, we take full ownership in driving your deployment to completion.

Who do we typically work with?

  • Save up to 20%+ on hardware CAPEX while lowering OPEX costs and streamlining your global IT procurement processes.

  • Get the gear you want, where you need it, when you need it. Never worry about missing a deadline again.

  • Secure, control, and consolidate your global IT supply chain. Maximize visibility across all layers of your organization.

  • Manage global infrastructure upgrades easily and quickly. Ensure a contiguous hardware solution is deployed to all markets.