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Ship your IT infrastructure to any colocation, data center, or office on the planet. Chosen by hundreds of companies for our logistical, customs, and import expertise.

FGX is a global IT logistics company that executes B2B shipments door-to-door. We’re the world’s leading experts on the intersection of IT hardware and global trade, logistics, and compliance.

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The world's best IT teams ship with FGX.

Turnkey global IT logistics to 174 countries.

We combine our expertise in international logistics, customs clearance, compliance, and commercialization to deliver turnkey, global solutions for our clients' shipments.

The global logistics provider for IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure is mission-critical and highly valuable to your team. We ensure that your IT shipments clear customs and get delivered as quickly as possible.

Door-to-door, office, or data center, turnkey and stress-free

FGX takes away the complexity of your international IT shipments by fully managing every single step of the process. Our team keeps you up-to-date on your shipments so that you can accurately plan for your gear to be installed and deployed.

Industry leading guidance and project management

Based on your company's specific requirements and setup, FGX can recommend multiple best practice import options for your team to choose from, which we then execute.



Turnkey, end-to-end logistical services for IT hardware shipments and projects.

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For IT solutions providers and sales reps that want to provide their clients with a world-class global solution.

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Remarkably reliable.

"FGX has demonstrated exceptional performance in their field and a high degree of reliability. While challenges are inherent in the international customs process, FGX has the ability to effectively navigate through these complexities. Their expertise has been instrumental in enabling our company to bring our products to market in a timely manner, a crucial factor in the high frequency industry where time is directly tied to revenue. We value our partnership with FGX and the substantial contributions they have made to our bottom line."
— Quantiative Researcher at a High Frequency Trading Firm with 500 - 1000 employees

FGX gets us online.

"FGX has been a key partner in helping our company expand into challenging geographic regions. Their expertise in navigating complex international logistics has given us a strong advantage in a crowded market. With FGX, we have the flexibility to purchase the hardware we need domestically and they handle the deployment, putting us in a position to consistently get our customers online before anyone else."
— Director of Infrastructure at a Cloud Company with 50 to 100 employees

Visibility and control.

"To be honest, we aren't used to working this way. We're used to having no visibility into our supply-chain, getting slow responses from our VARs and running fire drills all of the time. With FGX, we're able to plan out our installs and deployments in small time windows and high accuracy. We've come to appreciate what FGX has done for us globally."
— Network Engineer at an SSL Company with 500 to 1000 employees

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