CSR Principles

First Global Xpress, LLC (the “Company” ) has identified certain basic principles for corporate social responsibility that apply in all aspects of the Company’s business and operations. The principles are outlined below.

The Company’s corporate social responsibility principles are prepared in light of the United Nations Global Compact principles for corporate social responsibility in the business community, and general US corporate social responsibility standards.

Board members of the Company shall act in accordance with these principles when acting on behalf of the Company.

Main principles

Social commitment

Through its core business, the Company seeks to provide industry leading logistical services, and measurable value that greatly impacts our client’s infrastructure operations.

Business conduct

The Company shall promote high standards of business and ethics, and shall practice fair dealing, honesty and integrity in every aspect its business. It is the Company’s policy to adhere to all applicable laws and governmental rules and regulations wherever the Company operates.


The Company operates with zero tolerance for corruption in any form. Anti-corruption guidelines are implemented through the Company’s Code of Conduct, applicable to all employees, and shall be promoted as a part of the Company’s corporate culture.

Human rights

The Company supports and respects the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, and shall strive to ensure that the Company and its employees do not abuse, or are complicit in the abuse of, human rights.

Labour rights and work conditions

The Company shall comply with all relevant legislation regarding workplace and labour standards. The Company strives to ensure good working conditions, with strict requirements with regard to health, safety and environment. The Company shall promote respect for labour rights in our relations with business partners.


The Company considers openness and freedom of speech important for the Company, for the working environment and for our employees’ well-being. Illegal or unethical conduct may damage the working environment, for both our employees and the Company. The Company has implemented guidelines on notification of censurable conditions (whistleblowing) in the Code of Conduct applicable to all employees and the Board.

Environmental responsibility

The Company shall strive to conduct its operations with minimal impact on the environment.

Responsibilities and compliance

The Company shall regularly ensure compliance with the Corporate Social Responsibility Principles through internal controls.

All violations of the Corporate Social Responsibility Principles shall be reported to the Company’s CFO or to the Board.

These principles for Corporate Social Responsibility shall not be interpreted as giving any rights to customers, suppliers, competitors, shareholders or any other person or entity.

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