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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions from our experience services our clients globally.

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  • FAQ icon What does FGX do?

    FGX provides global IT logistics, compliance, and trade services, which enables companies to:
    1. Ship IT hardware into over 174 countries whether or not they have a business entity in the destination country.
    2. Have complete flexibility and control over how they want to ship their IT hardware.
    3. Have one single source of truth for where their hardware is and where it’s been delivered to.

    FGX also provides services like integration, configuration, and remote-hands installation for FGX Enterprise clients. This enables companies to have an end-to-end, door-to-power on solution.

  • FAQ icon What countries does FGX service?

    We provide our services in over 174 countries (all non-restricted, non-embargoed countries). Shipments do not have to originate in the USA, we can pick up and deliver from any origin to any destination in our coverage area.

    For a list of countries where we offer our services, view our coverage map.

  • FAQ icon What commodities does FGX ship?

    We specialize in shipping IT infrastructure equipment (switches, routers, firewalls, PDUs, etc.), personal IT equipment (laptops, tablets, phones, desktops, monitors, etc.), and data-center accessories (cabinets, racking, cabling, etc.).

    We are DG/Hazmat certified and can provide full support for shipments containing lithium-ion, lithium-metal, or lead acid batteries.

  • FAQ icon Who does FGX work with?

    Any business that uses technology, from small start-ups to a fortune 100 enterprises.

    We work directly with network engineers, IT teams, procurement teams and project managers who are purchasing hardware for their own company’s end-use. We also work with managed service providers (MSPs), value-added resellers (VARs), technology consultants, distributors, and hardware manufacturers (OEMs), who need help deploying hardware to their client’s international locations.

  • FAQ icon Why can't my VAR / distributor handle my international requirements?

    We find that most VARs & distributors are ill-equipped to consistently execute successful international deployments into many complicated international markets. While your VAR/distro may be able to support your offices in Western Europe & Canada, you will likely run into issues in many countries, or you will be passed-onto a local VAR and be stuck paying their hefty mark-ups and waiting for long lead times.

    Our entire operation is purpose built to handle any technology hardware deployment into any market. We’re experts in international logistics, customs clearance, import/export permits, and documentation requirements. We’re laser focused on delivering the best experience possible for our clients and make every international purchase feel as simple as a domestic one.

    FGX is VAR and distributor agnostic, we don’t sell any hardware, so we can partner with anyone in the channel as a post-sale deployment layer.

  • FAQ icon Can FGX ship used equipment?

    Yes, as long as the end destination country does not prohibit the import of used equipment. Many countries do allow the import of used equipment, however some require special import permits, and others ban it entirely.

  • FAQ icon Does FGX sell hardware or software?

    FGX does not sell any IT hardware or software. We are a layer that sits on top of your preferred domestic reseller to ensure that all shipments are deployed and installed smoothly to your international destinations. We can be involved in the quoting phase or looped in once the hardware is procured (the sooner the better).

  • FAQ icon How do I track my shipment?

    Please visit

  • FAQ icon Why should I choose FGX over my own freight forwarder or DHL/UPS/FedEx

    FGX provides a much more holistic solution for moving IT equipment globally than freight forwarders. FGX’s Global Shipping Platform is built on top of IT-centric services, like direct air-freight, specifically underwritten insurance coverage, project management tools, and international trade capabilities (managing import VAT, localizing transactions, importer of record, etc.) Our Flex services plug into our platform to give our clients a door-to-power-on solution.


  • FAQ icon What documentation do I need before reaching out to FGX?

    Since documentation requirements vary by both the country of origin and destination, we will advise you on exactly what’s required, when you reach out to us.

  • FAQ icon How do I determine the declared value of my shipment?

    The value for customs, or declared value of a shipment of new equipment should reflect the actual price paid when purchasing the equipment. Typically, the “extended price” on your vendor quote or invoice (including your discount) will be used as the value for customs.

    The value for used equipment should be based on your company’s internal depreciation schedules. If you are unsure how to determine the value of your used equipment, please let us know. While we can’t advise you on what value to assign, we can help you develop a process to calculate it.

  • FAQ icon Why does my FGX quote have a pre-payment section?

    The below line items enable us to ensure the customs clearance process goes as smoothly as possible by funding the import costs before the shipment even lands in its destination.

    Import VAT & Duties: Nearly all countries impose flat taxes & duties on imports. To facilitate smooth customs clearance, these taxes & duties must be paid to the local government upon arrival of your shipment.

    Insurance: Insurance coverage is activated as soon as FGX takes possession of your shipment, and is bound until the shipment is delivered at the end destination.

    Importer of Record Fees: Where an importer of record (IOR) service is required, FGX collects this fee ahead of time to ensure that all the necessary documentation, licenses & permits are managed prior to the shipment arriving in the destination country.

  • FAQ icon Where can FGX collect my shipment from?

    FGX can collect from any non-embargoed country and provide door to door logistical services to any non-embargoed country. For a list of countries that FGX can’t service due to US regulations, click here.

  • FAQ icon Does FGX ship via ocean freight?

    FGX only ships via air freight. Should freight costs be a concern, we can offer a slower, more economical cargo-only airfreight service. For the types of commodities and clients that FGX services, the 45+ day lead times for ocean freight are not a viable option.

  • FAQ icon Can I use my own freight forwarder with FGX's other services?

    FGX has to manage the door-to-door freight as this results in a better outcome for our clients. Large freight forwarders are typically slow to react, and less-detail oriented, which can lead to mistakes in documentation and therefore clearance delays and even fines.

  • FAQ icon Does FGX offer packing / crating services?

    Our fully-equipped warehouse team professionally packs each shipment to ensure safe and secure delivery to your international destinations. We pack each shipment based on equipment and destination requirements. Where required, will automatically palletize your shipment and add an additional layer of bubble wrap, cardboard, shrink wrap, & strapping to every shipment. For loose hardware, we will soft-wrap each device with anti-static bubble wrap, before boxing it up and then palletizing it for added protection.

    For very delicate or high value shipments, we can also arrange for custom crating. Our crating service can handle a single router or a fully loaded 85” tall server cabinet and everything in between.

    Our team will review each shipment to recommend a packing level required from both an insurance and safety perspective, feel free to ask us to clarify how your shipment will be packed, or to provide photos of completed packing.

  • FAQ icon Do I need transit insurance?

    For all domestic & international shipments, FGX provides our clients purchase transit insurance for high-value equipment. Our door-to-door quotes will always include a cost item for our transit insurance coverage, underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. Insurance coverage is conditional on the equipment being properly packed for transport. Once received at our facility, FGX will advise if the received packing condition meets our requirements for insurance coverage.

    For all used equipment, not in the original manufacturer’s packaging, FGX may require custom crating in order to bind coverage. We will request photos of the current packaging for your used equipment, or advise you on insurance requirements once we receive the equipment at our facility.

  • FAQ icon What could delay my shipment?

    Due to the nature of international shipping, there are factors that aren’t always controllable, for example, transit accidents, random customs inspections, etc. Experience and preparation, however, are the pre-emptive antidotes, and FGX’s processes are defined by those two things. We always strive to advise the most realistic timelines and set expectations early in the process in order for our clients to have the information needed to make project management decisions.

  • FAQ icon Why did FGX inspect my shipment?

    FGX must inspect each shipment to ensure that packing is sufficient for international transit and that all items have been appropriately declared in the documentation given to us. This is a critical step in our process to avoid issues that could create lengthy delays in customs clearance.


  • FAQ icon How will I be billed?

    FGX splits most shipments into 2 separate payments, pre-departure and post-delivery. Our quotes will clearly show which line items are due prior to the shipment departing, and which are due post-delivery with net 30 day terms.

    Once you accept a quote, we’ll immediately provide a pre-payment invoice for duties, taxes, insurance and IOR/EOR fees. Upon successful delivery of a shipment, an invoice will be issued for the remaining line items with net 30 day terms.

  • FAQ icon How do Importer of Record costs work?

    The rates vary by country, but are generally based on a percentage of the shipment’s value. After we receive your shipment details, we will be able to give you a detailed breakdown of the costs.

  • FAQ icon Why am I being charged based on dimensional / volumetric weight?

    All freight carriers bill based on chargeable weight. The chargeable weight is determined as the greater of: the actual weight of the shipment vs. the shipment’s dimensional/volumetric weight. Volumetric weight is calculated based on the dimensions of the shipment and is a proxy for the amount of physical space it occupies on a truck or in the cargo hold of an aircraft.

  • FAQ icon Why might my final bill differ from its quote?

    Our final invoices almost always match the quote we provided, so long as the situation remains the same. For example, if the BOM changes, or if the shipment had to be split up, etc., then the final cost will change. But FGX provides the most accurate quotes in the logistics industry. Our team very carefully reviews many factors when compiling quotes. Naturally we are only as good as the information we are provided. Therefore if the volume, weight, or value of a shipment changes from the information given to us at the time of quoting, we may need to revise our estimates.

    Successfully executing an international deployment requires the management of many cost items across multiple currencies. FGX strives to provide our clients with a complete and accurate picture of all costs associated with each deployment up front.

  • FAQ icon Do I need to pay import taxes on software licenses, support contracts, or configuration services?

    Generally all software licenses (and of course all hardware) should be declared on the import/export invoice. Support contracts & configuration services, or costs that don’t accompany the physical shipment can typically be left off of the import/export invoice. This can vary by the type of transaction as well as the origin/destination country, so it’s best to check with us if you have any questions.

  • FAQ icon How can I reclaim import VAT?

    When you are shipping to a country that charges VAT, generally you can reclaim (get a refund) of any import VAT charged from the government. There are many rules around who can request a VAT refund and when they are allowed to do so. Each country has it’s own rules and regulations as well as VAT rates.

    Typically you may only reclaim VAT if your company is the importer of record, maintains ownership, and is using the hardware you’ve imported to support your own business operations. FGX’s knowledgable team can advise you further on the specifics of VAT reclamation and how it can result in significant cost savings when importing technology hardware.

    Learn more about VAT reclamation


  • FAQ icon When will I need an Importer of Record?

    If you are shipping to a recipient that does not have a registered business entity in the destination country. For example, you are shipping to a small office or a foreign data center environment and they are unable or unwilling to register the import under their name.

    If you are shipping to a registered business that does not have the authorization to import technology hardware. For example, in China, Mexico, or Argentina, many businesses do not have the specific import authorizations required to import IT equipment.

    For more detailed information on importer & exporter of record services and when to use them, check out our recent blog post.

  • FAQ icon Can I reclaim taxes if I use an Importer of Record service?

    When utilizing an importer of record service, it’s typically not possible to reclaim any taxes. Many destinations, including all EU countries make it easy to set your company up as an importer and reclaim import taxes yourself. FGX will advise you on the best scenario to meet your service & cost requirements, even if this means your business should act as the importer of record.

  • FAQ icon Can I utilize an Importer of Record service if I'm leasing my hardware?

    It may be possible depending on the destination country and length of the lease. Reach out to us with your specific requirements and we’ll be happy to advise you.

  • FAQ icon When will I need an Exporter of Record (EOR)?

    If you are exporting a shipment from a country where you do not have a registered business entity.

    If you are exporting a shipment from a country where your business entity is not setup as an importer/exporter.

    If you are exporting a shipment that requires a special permit or license before it can be exported.

  • FAQ icon Where can FGX offer Importer of Record (IOR) and Exporter of Record (EOR) services?

    We currently offer IOR & EOR services in over 170 destinations. Please check out our interactive map for a list of countries where we offer importer and exporter of record services: view our coverage map.

  • FAQ icon Can FGX's IOR / EOR services handle import licenses & permits?

    Absolutely, our local entities in each country are very experienced with importing technology hardware. We will fully manage all import license / permit applications on your behalf as well as procure any required certificates of electrical conformity, radio/telecom type approval, or encryption notifications.