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Data Center Shipping for Domestic Load-balancing

FGX managed simultaneous domestic data center moves from start to finish. We adapted to clients' evolving schedules and met their deadlines.

FGX managed simultaneous cases for domestic data center shipping from start to finish. We adapted to the client’s evolving schedule and met their deadlines.

Overview: A top consulting company required IT equipment to be picked up, soft packed, crated and shipped out from two separate data centers in the US and they needed data center shipping experts. The packed equipment then needed to be consolidated and trucked across the country to meet technicians flying in from various locations. There was zero room for error, the gear had to arrive on time. We scheduled crating specialists to retrieve and pack the equipment from each datacenter. We then mobilized trucks to pickup and drive the gear direct to the destination, where it was consolidated and stored until the client’s technicians were ready to receive it.

The Challenge: A fortune 100 professional service/global consulting provider needed to ship IT resources from multiple domestic locations on the east coast across the country to re-balance capacity. The dates and equipment for these moves were somewhat fluid. Flexibility was needed while scheduling all of the moving parts of this job. Once the dates and times were firm, FGX had to meet the client teams on site in each location – there was zero room for error. The gear was coming from multiple locations across the US and would need to be consolidated in transit to meet the client team at the destination.

The Plan: FGX took raw data on parts & pieces from our client and advised the best way to soft pack and crate the items. We worked to maximize the safety of each piece while minimizing the costs incurred. We arranged every facet of the process from pick-up & pack to custom crate, transit, storage, consolidation, and delivery. FGX adjusted accordingly when timelines, piece counts, and the size of the shipment was adjusted by the client. The client’s team was flying in from all over the country to meet these shipments so we needed to be very nimble to ensure that the tight deadlines were met.

The Execution: FGX coordinated the pick-up, packing, transport, storage & on-time delivery of over 55 racked units. The shipments originated from two different data centers: Raleigh & Cincinnati and were destined for San Jose & Chicago; all under tight timelines. We adapted to changing dimensions of the pieces being picked up. We were able to crate fully loaded server cabinets without any difficulty. FGX arranged for expedited, direct drive trucking and rushed the over 8,000 lbs of crated equipment across the country. It was stored until the second half of the gear arrived. Then all components were consolidated onto one truck and delivered to the client’s teams on the ground by the deadline.

The Result: FGX’s domestic network allows for pickup, packing/crating, consolidating and expedited delivery of sensitive IT equipment to and from any location in the US.