Importer of Record: India

Importer of Record India



India has an extremely bureaucratic and cumbersome import process if not managed properly. With strict anti-dumping laws and varying regulations by port of entry, importers have to be very diligent with routing, documentation and import licenses to ensure shipments do not experience indefinite delays.

FGX’s importer of record service provides you with a safe, fast, and cost-efficient way to deploy IT hardware into India.

Country Datasheet:

Importer of Record Available:

Exporter of Record Available:

Import Permit Required:

Used Equipment Permitted:

Import Taxes:


Duties on IT Hardware:


Typical Clearance Time:

57 Days

Hardware Cost Savings:


Ship IT Hardware Internationally to India:

Thanks for checking out FGX as you’re thinking about how you’re going to either procure or deploy your technical gear into India. If you found us here you probably fall into one of three buckets:

1) This is the first time you’re endeavoring to deploy technical infrastructure in India

2) You’ve had some experience, maybe you’ve procured in India before

3) You have experience trying to deploy into India, but you’ve experienced logistics or compliance issues in the past

In either of those cases you’ve come to the right place we’re experts and India is a very active trade lane for us. We hold all of the permitting required from a compliance perspective to move all of your gear into India cost effectively.