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Iceland Importer of Record and IT Shipping

Importing IT hardware into Iceland relies on a dedicated Importer of Record that can assist with documentation and customs clearance.

Iceland Importer of Record at a Glance: 

Importer of Record

  • Iceland’s customs process does not require special permits for Telecommunications equipment 
  • Iceland is a country where FGX often has our clients act as the Importer of Record, if they’re eligible to do so

IT Shipping & Logistics

  • Wide-bodied air freight is limited due to Iceland’s relatively isolated location but last-mile delivery is not difficult to execute 

Importer of Record and Pre-Shipment Documentation 

Iceland doesn’t require any sort of permits or licenses for most IT imports. Your Importer of Record provider should provide customs with all of the required documentation, e.g. bill of lading, commercial invoices, etc. The only information you will need in addition to standard documentation is the proper valuations of products.

Since Iceland is not in the EU, you cannot use your EU registrations in other countries to act as your own Importer of Record in Iceland. However, this is a location where many of our clients act as their Importer of Record. If you have an entity in Iceland, FGX can help you navigate the process to act as the Importer of Record.

IT Shipping & Logistics 

While the shipping and logistics process in Iceland is not difficult, the process tends to be more expensive. Iceland’s remote location means that there are a limited number of logistics and freight providers which results in higher costs. Hiring FGX as a door-to-data center service can help you avoid unnecessary overhead costs. By bundling the process from beginning to end, you can avoid having to accrue these costs repeatedly at each stage. 

FGX manages all of our client’s shipments door-to-door (or door-to-data center). This case study showcases how we navigated IT logistics and importation into Iceland at the time that it was written. Regulations and challenges are constantly changing and exact shipping requirements may have changed. To learn more about FGX and how our global shipping platform can help your company, reach out here.