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Remote hands & Shipping Case Study for Digicert

Introduction Digicert is a CA (Certificate Authority) provider that provides services in multiple global markets, like Switzerland, Japan, Australia, South Africa and more.  As Digicert’s global presence continues to grow, even more demand is placed on their engineers and networking teams. With…

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Remote Hands & Shipping Case Study for Disney+

Disney+ had a tight timeline to install gear in Amsterdam for their product launch. This meant they had to buy, configure, ship, and install all of their hardware—and in Disney+’s case, they needed $7m of hardware to be installed in 30 cabinets…

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Importer of Record Brazil

Deploying IT into Brazil for a PE Firm

Although Brazil has the world’s 9th largest economy (by GDP), the country is notorious for being one of the most complicated markets to do business in. Companies often have to support their offices and data centers but can’t get the IT hardware…

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World View

How to Start Selling International Deals

You may have zero experience with selling international hardware deals. Or, you may have some experience with selling international hardware deals. But, it most likely failed or it was more painful than it was worth.

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Shipping Truck

How Does FGX Compare With UPS, DHL, FedEx?

Even though people assume UPS, DHL, and FedEx (known as hub-and-spoke shippers) can ship anything anywhere, you should think twice before handing off your critical IT hardware to one of these global giants. The misconception that hub-and-spoke shippers are substitutes for FGX’s…

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Shipping Equipment Rwanda

Shipping IT Equipment to Rwanda

A global telecommunications service provider had to deliver specialized equipment to a mobile network provider in Kigali, Rwanda. Without an import license or business entity, they needed a full service supply chain provider to properly import the IT hardware into Rwanda on…

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Importer of Record Mexico

Shipping IT Equipment to Mexico

Our client, a US-based global IT management company, had to deliver specialized IT equipment to their customer’s office in Mexico City. Without an import license or business entity, they needed a full service supply chain provider to properly import the specialized equipment…

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Shipping IT Equipment Vietnam

Shipping IT Equipment to Vietnam

Our client had to deliver IT equipment into their Vietnam data center. Without an importer or business license, they needed a full service supply chain provider to properly import the specialized equipment into Vietnam on their behalf.

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Shipping IT Equipment to LATAM

Firewalls for the client’s network required immediate replacement to patch critical IT security vulnerabilities. Further investigations concluded that firewalls at the company’s LATAM offices were old and out of spec, exposing the entire company’s IT infrastructure to future cyber attacks.

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Shipment Stuck in Customs

What To Do If Your Shipment Is Stuck in Customs

Whenever you ship internationally, there is always a risk that your goods may be stuck at customs. Some of the ways to lower that risk are to ensure all the paperwork is correct, the HS codes are properly declared, and that the…

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US China Trade War

How the US-China Trade War Impacts the Channel

The escalating trade tensions between the United States and China has left global businesses in a tenuous situation. New tariffs on finished goods and raw materials are steadily increasing supply chain costs and leading to delays in customs clearance. Many businesses are…

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How to Reclaim VAT on Imports

What is Import VAT? Import Value-Added Tax (VAT) is a consumption tax that is placed on goods entering countries (like the 28 EU member states). VAT is designed to distribute the tax burden across the supply chain, but ultimately must be borne…

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Importer of Record Egypt

Mission Critical Data Center Deployment to Egypt

A social media company needed to deliver technical gear to better support their customer base in Egypt. The arduous document preparation, regulatory, and customs processes required a logistics partner with a unique set of expertise.

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