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Global IT logistics for solutions providers.
Ship hardware to 174 countries.

With FGX's global capabilities and deal making expertise, you can confidently deliver hardware to 174 countries. Moving technical hardware through the global supply-chain is the only thing that FGX does.

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Start supporting international opportunities.

First Global Xpress provides account executives and salespeople with the capability, tools, and sales support to close and fulfill international deals confidently and seamlessly.

Cover all bases

There's a lot to take into consideration when shipping IT hardware globally, especially in a sale. First Global Xpress makes sure your deals are commercialized properly and done in compliance.

Rely on our global expertise and experience

First Global Xpress has over 20 years of experience specializing in IT infrastructure, which enables us to deliver high levels of success when shipping to the world’s most complicated destinations.

Leave logistics, customs clearance, and paperwork to us

First Global Xpress manages all shipments door-to-door so that you can focus on closing the next opportunity.

Stay up to date on all of your shipments and projects

Communicate the latest status of all of your shipments to your clients. Our portal acts as a control tower for you to stay up to date.

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Talk to our sales team to learn more about FGX Partners. Start getting quotes and timelines and access to our tools.

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02 Quoting & Pre Customs Validation

After your client has approved the costs, we kick-off the shipments by preparing all of the documentation, licenses and paperwork for local customs to review.

03 International Transit

As soon as customs validation has been completed, we load the shipment on the next direct flight to the country.

04 Formal Customs Clearance

We execute formal customs clearances for all of our clients' IT shipments to ensure they clear as quickly as possible.

05 Delivery

After the shipment has cleared customs, we deliver your equipment straight to your client's data center or office.


Partner Services.

FGX Partners is powered with services focused around delivering infrastructure turnkey, quickly, and securely, while ensuring all of the stakeholder's best interests are taken into account.

Direct Air Freight

First Global Xpress is its own freight forwarder and leverages the world’s fastest logistics network for shipping IT infrastructure globally.

In-house formal customs clearances

Our in-house customs clearance capabilities and expertise ensure that your shipments clear customs quickly and correctly.

Fully managed permits and licenses

We manage all of the complex compliance and paperwork associated with importing IT infrastructure.

FGX Importer of Record services

Our Importer of Record service enables First Global Xpress to deliver turnkey import solutions whether your client has a business entity in the destination country or not.

Global deal making expertise and management

First Global Xpress equips you with the best practices for selling international deals, from compliance to commercialization.

Drop-ship straight to our warehouses

Once the hardware is at our facility, we confirm that we have everything we're supposed to receive, and then prepare the shipment for export.

Start supporting international opportunities today.

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