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The IT solutions ecosystem is competitive, and one of the best ways that resellers can differentiate themselves is by making every purchase from procurement to delivery as turnkey as possible. If you’re a sales rep with multinational clients, providing them with a seamless experience for their US equipment is table stakes. The difference maker is in your ability to provide a one-stop-shop solution for your clients’ international hardware requirements. By having the capability to offer a holistic hardware solution to any country your clients require, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and solidify your position as a valuable partner.

94% of US-based account executives and sales reps can’t provide their clients with a global hardware solution without working with in-country VARs or international counterparts. If you have experience “partnering” with an international reseller, you probably know how terrible the experience is for the customer (and your margin).

The most turnkey and seamless global hardware solution you can provide a client is one where you sell them all of their hardware in the US. In order to do this, however, you need to ensure you can deploy everything globally afterwards, which is where FGX comes in.

By selling everything to your client in the US and then shipping it with FGX, your clients can reap economies of scale while taking advantage of a simplified billing and procurement model. Also, since you won’t have to hand-off opportunities to international counterparts, you’re able to better control your customer’s experience globally, leading to better outcomes, happy customers, and return business.

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A seamless and turnkey experience

Customers want a seamless and turnkey solution to their problems; any sort of friction in the fulfillment process will make them second guess their choice (if you’re a salesperson, you’re probably hypersensitive to this fact). So, when multinational companies look to you for a global hardware solution, they expect that you provide the solution in its entirety, including international distribution and delivery.

The FGX Partners solution provides account executives and sales reps with a turnkey, door-to-door solution to 174 countries, which makes it easy for you to sell and fulfill international deals. FGX ensures that the hardware will not only be delivered successfully, but that your deals are done in compliance and in the most cost-effective method possible. This enables you to win more opportunities and ensure that you and your customer will be covered from a commercial and compliance perspective.

Global deal structuring best practice

In addition to FGX providing a global door-to-door solution, we also provide our partners with best practice guidance on how to structure the deals during the quoting phase. For example, we’ve run into many account executives who have tried shipping equipment themselves just to find out that the customer can’t pay them for one reason or another. FGX gets ahead of any potential issues during quoting to ensure that all parties in the transaction will be made whole. By working closely with our partners, they can feel confident that their customers’ projects are being executed with everyone’s best interests in mind.

What is FGX Partners?

FGX Partners is our turnkey, door-to-data center shipping solution that’s built for companies of all sizes and industries. Whether you’re looking to help a customer setup a new data center or ship to an existing PoP, we’ll manage everything from the time you place the order with your distributor to the second it’s delivered to its destination.

How does FGX Partners work?

The FGX Partners solution enables account executives and sales reps to obtain quotes on a shipment-by-shipment basis. During our quoting process, we’ll also do an import and export feasibility check to ensure that the equipment your client wants is eligible for use in the country that they need it in. Once the quotes are issued, you’ll also have an exact breakdown of what the costs and timelines for delivery are.

FGX will also take into account your client’s international footprint to look for cost reduction and operational efficiency opportunities. For example, we often find opportunities for our clients to reduce or eliminate import VAT payable in some countries and to reclaim it in others.

After a shipment’s quote is approved, FGX will prepare all of the documentation and licenses, perform all of the necessary compliance work, fund duties and taxes, etc., prior to anything being shipped out. By doing so, we limit the amount of time that the hardware is sitting in international customs, thus reducing uncertainty and risk in the shipping process. Once all of the documentation and pre-shipment work have been approved, the equipment will be routed via FGX’s private supply-chain to its destination’s port of entry, where our in-house customs brokers take over (we don’t use hub-and-spoke shippers like FedEx nor do we outsource to freight forwarders).

During customs clearance, customs officials may inquire about the import by asking questions, requesting backup documentation, and more – all of which FGX will manage on your behalf. After customs clearance has been completed, we’ll arrange for the shipment to be delivered via a direct drive to the data center or colocation site and provide you with a POD (proof of delivery).

How much work will I have to do?

As little as possible. There are, however, situations where your clients want to commercialize their shipments in a specific way and in order for FGX to make that happen, we have to work with their international counterparts. In cases like that, your clients have to do a bit of administrative and communication work, but throughout the entire process, FGX acts as the project manager and takes ownership over moving things forward. But in most scenarios, FGX is able to manage all of the shipments with zero end-user interaction.

Support your client’s international hardware requirements today with FGX Partners. Speak to sales team to learn more about our capabilities.

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