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Importer of Record Services

Importer of record services in 174 countries for IT infrastructure.

FGX will manage everything door-to-door, including customs clearance, importer of record, logistics, compliance and more.

Turnkey global IT logistics to 174 countries.

We combine our expertise in international logistics, customs clearance, compliance, and commercialization to deliver turnkey, global solutions for our clients' shipments.

The global logistics provider for IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure is mission-critical and highly valuable to your team. We ensure that your IT shipments clear customs and get delivered as quickly as possible.

Door-to-door, office, or data center, turnkey and stress-free

FGX takes away the complexity of your international IT shipments by fully managing every single step of the process. Our team keeps you up-to-date on your shipments so that you can accurately plan for your gear to be installed and deployed.

Industry leading guidance and project management

Based on your company's specific requirements and setup, FGX can recommend multiple best practice import options for your team to choose from, which we then execute.

Fully Managed IOR Services.

FGX Go is powered by services that prioritize the rapid and secure delivery of your infrastructure. Your shipments are completely managed door-to-door.

Direct Air Freight

FGX is its own freight forwarder and leverages the world’s fastest logistics network for shipping IT infrastructure globally.

In-house formal customs clearances

Our in-house customs clearance capabilities and expertise ensure that your shipments clear customs quickly and correctly.

Fully managed permits and licenses

We manage all of the complex compliance and paperwork associated with importing IT infrastructure.

FGX Importer of Record services

Our Importer of Record service enables FGX to deliver turnkey import solutions whether you have a business entity in the destination country or not.

Material handling designed for IT infrastructure

We handle all of our client’s equipment with extreme care; we know how valuable the integrity of your equipment is to your team’s success.

Drop-ship straight from your VAR to our warehouses

We work with hundreds of VARs in the United States to make the purchase to deployment journey as seamless as possible.

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