Importer of Record - FGX

Our Importer of Record Services help companies deploy IT Hardware into 155 countries.

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How can an IOR help you?

Our IOR services can help you import into 155 countries even if you don't have a local business entity. FGX will manage all aspects of customs clearance and ensure the shipment is successfully delivered to the final consignee, with zero end-user interaction.

Why is FGX different?

Unlike other IOR companies, FGX's main focus is on project management and importing IT hardware. Our methodology is ensuring our client's have their shipments delivered quickly, safely, and stress-free. FGX manages everything door-to-door.


Provide a registered business

FGX can act as the local importer on your behalf so you can import without a business entity into 155 countries.

FGX Compliance

Manage import licenses & permits

We'll obtain any documentation, licenses, and permits needed to import your equipment on your behalf.

Importer of Record

Facilitate DDP clearances

Before the shipment departs, all duties, taxes, and fees are pre-paid so clearance is quickly processed and completed.

FGX Consulting

No end-user interaction

Our door-to-door methodology ensures that FGX manages the entire process with as little to no input from the end-user.