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Centralized Procurement

Learn how a global technology firm was able to place a single PO for hardware needed at 59 sites across 30 countries.

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Ever since IT hardware has become a necessity to businesses around the world, global procurement for technology hardware has been inefficient. A global technology firm, needed to upgrade servers to support an energy company across 30 countries. Unsure where to start, they reached out to distributors in the US for help. But they immediately ran into issues with feasibility and pricing.

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What is an Importer of Record?

Our comprehensive article on what Importer of Record services are and whether or not you need an Importer of Record.

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Generally speaking, IOR providers are companies that provide services relating to the import side of a shipment – including but not limited to – acting as the Importer of Record, procuring the necessary paperwork, applying for the relevant import permits, and arranging for customs clearance. The IOR provider you choose should be an expert on the commodity you’re looking to ship and should also be able to provide any additional logistics & compliance services you may need.

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FGX vs. FedEx, UPS, DHL

FGX vs. Importer of Record Companies

A Better International Solution for VARs

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