About us

Infrastructure engineers are doing way too much.

Getting hardware delivered and powered-on internationally sucks. Engineers have to work with a fragmented set of vendors, none of which are designed to work well together. This makes procuring, configuring, shipping, and installing your hardware globally much more difficult than it needs to be.

FGX enables infrastructure teams to consolidate their IT hardware purchases (regardless of which OEM manufactures it or which VAR sells it) and then ship them into 170 countries all in one platform. FGX also incorporates configuration and remote-hands services into our platform to give infrastructure engineers a seamless door-to-power-on service, globally.

What makes FGX different.

We’ve built a business that represents the best interests of the buyer—which in the IT market, is rare. We’ve found that IT hardware vendors, when it comes to fulfilling global hardware requirements, often do what’s easy and best for themselves, even if it’s at the cost of their client, which results in more expensive and less efficient solutions.

  • Brain icon We are not a part of the channel.

    We don’t sell hardware—and that gives FGX and our clients an advantage.

    Any vendor that sells IT hardware is ultimately controlled by their OEMs—this severely limits what’s possible. For example, some OEMs force VARs to offer solutions that put the buyer in a position to have to buy in-market. This means that for each country that a buyer would need hardware in, they would have to onboard a foreign entity, pay an international mark up, and lose the opportunity to do any material handling of hardware before it arrives in country.

    Because we aren’t part of the channel, we are free to create any solution that benefits our clients, even if the OEMs don’t like it. It gives our clients the ability to cut out the OEM’s international markup, consolidate all purchases for operational and financial efficiency, and drastically reduce the time and work to power-on.

  • Box icon We are experts at what we do.

    The FGX platform is built using our expert logistical, international trade, and compliance services.

    Creating a global IT shipping platform requires more than just logistical capabilities—it requires a high level of expertise in navigating international trade, compliance, and project management.

    Logistics - We have an active supply-chain that operates in 170 countries that consists of in-house direct air-freight, customs brokerage, and private vehicles.

    International Trade - We operate trading companies in 170 countries that can act as the importer of record on behalf of our clients. We also advise and manage on VAT and tax issues.

    Compliance - We've mapped out all of the "compliance fingerprints" for the countries we operate in. Whether it's managing NOM in Mexico, HKTID in Hong Kong, or leasing in Brazil, we've done it before.

    Project and Channel Management - We're experienced in managing and coordinating all of the parties required to execute an international shipment. Our number one priority is to reduce the effort and time required from our clients.

    Engineering & Remote Hands Services - We layer our remote hands network and engineer services ontop of our logistical platform to give our clients a global door-to-power-on solution.

  • Analytics icon We are end to end.

    FGX makes our clients lives easier by executing everything from door-to-power-on all under one roof.

    FGX's global shipping platform enables our clients to seamlessly incorporate pre-shipment integration services as well as post-delivery remote hands engineering. Since FGX controls the logistics, there's no friction in-between integration, delivery, and power-on.