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Credit: Egor Vitalich

Importer of Record: Russia

Buy local and ship to Russia with Importer of Record, FSB Notifications, EAC Certificates, and Import Permits.



Russia’s import landscape is fairly complicated with a range of import authorizations and licenses that need to accompany every shipment. Additionally, customs in Russia requires datasheets and manufacturer certifications with all imports to ensure that appropriate encryption laws are adhered to.

FGX’s importer of record service provides you with a safe, fast, and cost-efficient way to deploy IT hardware into Russia.

Country Datasheet:

Importer of Record Available:

Exporter of Record Available:

Import Permit Required:

Used Equipment Permitted:

Import Taxes (VAT):


Duties on IT Hardware:


Typical Clearance Time:

1421 Days

Hardware Cost Savings:


Ship IT Hardware Internationally to Russia:

Russia is a complicated market but it’s one that has been solved. As it pertains to moving IT gear from the US into the market. If you’re here looking for answers to questions about Russia you fall into the same categories that all of our clients fall into in the trickier markets, which is either:

1) You’ve had problems procuring your gear in market, either it was very expensive or they didn’t have the SKUs that were required for your project.

2) You tried to ship it in and maybe somebody made a mistake along the way so your consignment was held, returned or maybe you never even got back.

3) This is the first time that you’re going into a new market.

In any of those scenarios we’re specialists in moving technical gear into Russia. We understand that the name of the game is compliance, compliance, compliance. You have to do everything correct up front. You have to dot all your I’s and cross all your T’s; but if you do it’s a market that is totally open and there’s lots of opportunity. So we look forward to hearing from you and starting a discussion.