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UK Export Licenses Made Easy

FGX walks you through the UK’s export licensing enables you to export controlled IT equipment with OGEL & SIEL Licenses.

FGX walks you through the UK export licensing process to enable you to export controlled IT equipment in full compliance

Often our client’s focus is on the importation process, especially for those who chose to use FGX’s Importer of Record services. But the proper export compliance can be just as critical to the success of a shipment. Allowing FGX to manage the end to end process from exportation to importation can mitigate any risks to a successful and timely delivery of your goods.

Here’s a relevant example: Our client, a business information and analytics company urgently needed to send encryption enabled, hyper-converged servers to Shanghai and Mumbai from the United Kingdom.

FGX worked with them to confirm the HTS Codes and ECCN classifications of the equipment and advised that the equipment was classified as Dual-Use and therefore would require specific export licenses before the items could be shipped to both destinations. Our client, like many others we encounter, had limited experience with export compliance.

FGX’s compliance experts walked the client through understanding and registering for the UK Export Control Organization’s online export licensing system (SPIRE) as well as the required Standard Individual Export Licenses (SIELs). These licenses typically take 20 business days to process once the application has been submitted, so all documentation that is submitted must be perfect to ensure that no further delays occur.

Typically, FGX will apply for import and export licenses on behalf of clients, but Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC)department only permits the exporter of record to apply for the license. Therefore, FGX’s team assisted with the review of all forms that the client submitted to ensure their accuracy prior to submission.

Utilizing screen-shares, FGX guided the client through the application process and advised on the timeline required to obtain each license so that the client could prepare their deployment appropriately.

Our client had registered business entities in both China and India. However, it did not have import authorization for IT equipment in either country. FGX stepped in to provide Importer of Record (IOR) services in addition to export compliance support, logistics, customs clearance and last-mile delivery.

In addition to the IOR, for the India Shipment, FGX ensured that all required import documentation such as BIS Certificates were made available to customs to ensure a smooth customs clearance.

Having a logistics partner that can be there to guide your shipment every step of the way is the real difference you will find with FGX versus a typical freight forwarder or IOR broker. Our service puts your shipment in the best possible position for a successful outcome.