Deploying Technology Hardware into Turkey

Importer of Record Turkey

A technology service provider building up their international capabilities tapped FGX for help. They required a viable solution to deliver their technology hardware into Istanbul, Turkey. Turkey’s customs clearance and import compliance process is complex. This made getting technical gear into the country difficult for the client. After speaking with our team, the client decided to purchase their hardware needed in Turkey in the US.

With FGX shipping it to Turkey it was going to be faster and more cost-effective than procuring in Istanbul. FGX’s Importer of Record service, along with our customs clearance and import consulting made FGX an ideal partner for the job. FGX shipped the client’s gear from Texas to our transfer facility in New York City. Once received in New York City, we ran a manifest check to ensure the equipment accuracy.

We also confirmed that the hardware met all import standards in Turkey. Next, we booked a direct flight from JFK to IST with our airline partner. The shipment was on its way to Istanbul the next day. When the shipment arrived in Turkey, FGX managed the Importer of Record process. We then arranged for customs clearance with all the necessary documentation and authorizations.

Certificate of Conformity (CE Mark) – FGX procured the technical files from the manufacturer. The files included user manuals and data sheets, complete with technical drawings. Once the shipment landed in Istanbul, we presented the above file. This allowed the equipment to enter the customs process immediately.

Risk-Based Trade Control System (TAREKS) – FGX declared the hardware for TAREKS inspection. To ensure a smooth process, FGX translated the user guide and data sheets into Turkish for the inspection agents. The equipment passed the inspection in 2 days with the shipment cleared for final delivery, shortly thereafter. Through FGX, the entire customs clearance process into Turkey took about a week. Coordinating with the manufacturer and customs agents was critical for success. FGX produced the necessary paperwork on time, with accuracy throughout the entire customs process. The FGX project management approach required zero involvement on the client side.

Please think of FGX when procuring IT equipment for your next technical infrastructure project in Turkey. You should also consider a centralized procurement and global deployment model in general. Combine the simplicity and discounts of domestic purchases with a trusted partner like FGX. When we provide post-sale support, you will save valuable time and money.