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Shipping IT Equipment to LATAM

FGX's fully managed shipping and IOR services to LATAM, seamlessly importing IT hardware into Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and more.


Firewalls for the client’s network required immediate replacement to patch critical IT security vulnerabilities. Further investigations concluded that firewalls at the company’s LATAM offices were old and out of spec, exposing the entire company’s IT infrastructure to future cyber attacks.

This high threat level gained the attention of the company’s CIO and executives. A time-sensitive solution that would guarantee the quick remediation of these network vulnerabilities became a top priority.

International Procurement Options

Our client had two options when it came to replacing their legacy firewalls:

  • 1. Procure devices in each LATAM country with an in-market re-seller.
  • 2. Procure all devices from their domestic supplier and import firewalls into each LATAM country with a partner like FGX.

In the end, the client trusted FGX to deliver our time-sensitive logistics solution.

Why Not Procure In-Market?
Procuring from in-market VARS was not an option for the client. Local re-sellers are notorious for low inventory counts on critical network hardware. Instead re-sellers import the equipment themselves after the purchase order is cut. This has lead to blown procurement timelines for the client. Due to this, our client was actively looking for a logistics solution that would allow them to procure from their preferred US supplier and deliver into international destinations.

Why Choose FGX

Solutions Across Latin America

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Execution & Results

The client’s main concern was the timeline. The threat level to their global IT network was too high to miss the mandated internal date for remediation. The firewalls needed to be procured and delivered to each office as soon as possible. Partnering with First Global Xpress allowed our client to work with their preferred US supplier, which they trusted to provide all the firewalls on time. The process was faster and more transparent compared to their previous dealings with in-market resellers.

Once the firewalls were received, FGX processed the devices and prepared all necessary export and import documentation for every LATAM destination. FGX utilized our direct air freight network making transit into each destination occur in 1-2 days. Once at each destination port, our various trading companies acted as the importer of record on behalf of the client allowing them to import equipment without being a registered importer. In the end, the firewalls were delivered to each office before the mandated internal date for remediation.

Our client was pleased with the speed of delivery to each LATAM destination to the point where they have inquired about our logistics solutions to other destinations around the globe.

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