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Credit: Paul Hanaoka

How to Ship Racks to Data Centers in Europe

Server cabinets are oversized, sensitive, high-value cargo. Choosing the right logistics partner is essential for transporting racked cabinets.

FGX consolidated, custom crated, and exported over $2.9M of racked server cabinets to datacenters in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Our client needed to upgrade their data centers in London and Montreal. To maximize efficiency, they wanted to ship server racks fully-loaded with configured IT equipment purchased here in the USA. To move the shipments as soon as possible, the client enlisted FGX to assume a project management/logistical role, coordinating with the client, distributor, and manufacturer.

Due to the size, weight and value of each loaded server rack, custom crating and cargo-only aircraft would be required. By directly working with both the distributor and manufacturer

FGX ensured each shipment was properly crated for safe transit. FGX’s knowledge of customs procedures ensured that all NAFTA certificates were filed promptly to guarantee favorable duties & tax rates into Canada. We also worked with the client to setup their EORI number to facilitate customs clearance under their tax code in the United Kingdom. This also enabled the client to re-claim the import VAT paid during customs clearance into the UK.

As a longstanding IATA and IAC member FGX has a unique understanding of the air cargo industry and was able to find the appropriate cargo flight that could accommodate crates of this size and weight. For IT shipments FGX utilizes direct flights whenever possible, greatly reducing handling risks and delays which result from flight connections.

FGX arranged expedited custom crating for the racks as soon as they arrived at our facility. Once crating completed, the shipments were flown non-stop to Montreal & London.

Both shipments cleared customs same-day and FGX’s ground support team dispatched dedicated trucks to deliver to each datacenter.

After safe delivery, the Montreal staff was not appropriately equipped to install the new racks in the data center. FGX continued to support the client managing communication between the manufacturer, distributor and data center to ensure correct installation of the new server racks.

“FGX saved me time and money, and handled everything door to door. They are a great partner to have on your side for international logistics.”
-Director, Global IT Infrastructure, International Insurance Firm