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Pakistan Importer of Record and IT Shipping

Importing IT hardware into Pakistan requires an Importer of Record that can help you navigate the complex certificate and shipping process.

Pakistan Importer of Record at a Glance:

Importer of Record 

  • Most clients utilize our Importer of Record services when shipping into Pakistan
  • You will need a NOC from the PTA if you are shipping telecommunications and encryption controlled

IT Shipping & Logistics 

  • Customs clearance can take up to 10 days, and is the longest aspect of the deployment timeline

Importer of Record and Pre-Shipment Documentation 

Importer of Record 

While in certain countries, FGX enables our clients to act as the Importer of Record themselves, they are rarely able to act as their own Importer of Record in Pakistan. Pakistan is not a location where companies typically have a business entity authorized to import, which means that they will need to find an IOR provider to act as their Importer of Record.

NOC Certificate 

The NOC (No Objection Certificate) is issued by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority to ensure that your equipment has met all safety and regulatory requirements. The PTA will likely require equipment data sheets and product certificates in addition to standard shipping documents. FGX can help you determine if your equipment will need any additional process and facilitate the approval process.

IT Shipping & Logistics 

Securing wide-bodied air freight to Pakistan is not difficult but once it is secured you will need three to four business days for completion. However, once your shipment arrives in Pakistan, customs clearance can take as many as 10 days, which can slightly delay a timeline if you do not plan ahead.

FGX manages all of our client’s shipments door-to-door (or door-to-datacenter). This case study showcases how we navigated IT logistics and importation into Pakistan at the time that it was written. Regulations and challenges are constantly changing and exact shipping requirements may have changed. To learn more about FGX and how our global shipping platform can help your company, reach out here.