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Technology Deployments to Mexico Made Easy with Importer of Record Services

A global investment bank needed to upgrade the networking equipment in their Mexico City office with a combination of new and used equipment from their New York facility. The shipment was very time-sensitive and the client did not want to risk any customs delays by sending it via FedEx or UPS. Furthermore, the client ran into issues attempting to move the equipment on their own, as their Mexican entity was not set-up to act as an authorized importer of both used and new IT infrastructure equipment.

Previous shipments they had sent were below the high-value threshold and were technically cleared as personal (not commercial) shipments, putting them out of local compliance. All other hardware requirements were fulfilled through “in-country” purchases, as we know this is more expensive and time consuming. FGX’s network of airlines, cargo handlers, and customs brokers ensures that our shipments move in a highly controlled and secured manner at all times.

Once our client had received all the equipment at their facility in Manhattan, FGX arranged for same-day pickup & packing. The shipment was booked on a direct flight from JFK to MEX with our airline partner and was in the air on the way to Mexico City, the following day.

Once the shipment arrived in Mexico City, FGX acted as the importer of record on behalf of the client and arranged for the shipment to clear customs with the necessary authorization and documentation required by customs. When FGX is acting as the importer of record, there is no local client involvement.

The shipment cleared customs within 3 business days and was retrieved for final delivery to our client’s office in Mexico City the next day. FGX completed the door-to-door process in under a week to ensure the client met their deadline. When procuring hardware for your offices in Mexico City, or for any other international market, consider FGX’s “Buy Local – Ship Global” model. FGX makes every international deployment feel like a domestic one, while saving you money and shortening the deployment timeline.