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Malaysia Importer of Record and IT Shipping 

IT Imports in Malaysia requires SIRIM approval, a knowledgable importer of record, and potentially longer final delivery timelines.

Malaysia Importer of Record at a Glance:

Importer of Record 

  • IT hardware and telecommunications equipment imports may require SIRIM approval 
  • Most of FGX’s clients will utilize our import entity and license in Malaysia since a majority of companies don’t have an import license

IT Shipping & Logistics 

  • Last-mile delivery is typically quick within the capital city of Kuala Lumpur

Importer of Record and Pre-Shipment Documentation 

Malaysia is located in a strategic part of southeast Asia. It is just an hour away from Singapore and Thailand and is a thriving hub for manufacturing and assembly, making it a popular destination for companies to deploy infrastructure into. 

Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM)

SIRIM is the standards board and regulatory entity for all telecommunication imports into Malaysia and is an extension of the Ministry of Finance. SIRIM, owned by the Malaysian government, is Malaysia’s organization for technology research and regulation. This regulatory entity must approve IT hardware imports into Malaysia.

Although importing into Malaysia will oftentimes require certificates of conformity, most major manufacturers should already have them in place. 

Importer of Record Services 

Companies typically do not have a local entity in Malaysia. Because of this, FGX often has to provide our IOR services to import hardware on our client’s behalf. However, if you do have a local entity and want to act as your own Importer of Record, you will need to obtain an import license through the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

IT Shipping & Logistics

The Malaysian government has invested the past few years into transforming their economy into one that is more technologically and internationally focused. Because of these developments, Malaysian companies are enthusiastic about international partnerships and are amicable to tech development in the region and the government is supportive of these relationships. For companies looking to expand their tech infrastructure, this makes Malaysia an ideal location. 

Finally, Malaysia is very technologically advanced and is not a large country by square mileage. So, you should expect quick and painless last-mile deliveries within the Kuala Lumpur metro area. As Malaysia is an archipelago, deliveries off of the primary peninsula require forwarding via air freight and will require additional time to complete. Other important business hubs like Johor Bahru, Ipoh and Penang are within 4 hours drive of Malaysia’s international airport, KLIA.

FGX manages all of our client’s shipments door-to-door (or door-to-data center). This case study showcases how we navigated IT logistics and importation into Malaysia at the time that it was written. Regulations and challenges are constantly changing and exact shipping requirements may have changed. To learn more about FGX and how our global shipping platform can help your company, reach out here.