Malaysia Importer of Record

Zero End-User Involvement with IOR Services to Malaysia

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A global information technology and consulting provider rapidly building up their capabilities in Southeast Asian required a logistics partner to deliver IT equipment into Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Malaysia requires specific type-approvals to import technology hardware. This makes getting technical gear into the country difficult.

Taking advantage of FGX’s experience shipping into this lane, the client decided to procure the equipment for Malaysia in the USA, from their preferred domestic VAR. Centralizing their procurement in the USA resulted in a lower overall cost and shorter deployment time compared to buying in Malaysia. FGX’s Importer of Record service, along with our customs
clearance and compliance expertise made FGX an ideal partner for this deployment.

FGX shipped all of the gear from Chicago to our transfer facility in New York City. Once received, we ran a manifest check to ensure all the equipment was accounted for. We also ensured the hardware met all import conformity standards in Malaysia. 

Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) – All communication technology (ICT) products being imported into Malaysia must be type-approved by the SIRIM, a government-owned company incorporated under the Ministry of Finance. It is important to note, the SIRIM only performs type-approvals for new products. Working directly with the manufacturer and SIRIM, FGX was able to obtain the technical paperwork needed to be granted customs approval to import the client’s products.

Next, a direct flight was booked from JFK to KUL with our airline partner. The shipment was on its way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia the next day. When the shipment arrived in Malaysia, FGX managed the Importer of Record process. We arranged for customs clearance with all the necessary documentation and approvals.

With the ICT product type-approval and the corresponding SIRIM documents in-hand, the shipment was able to clear customs in 3-5 business days. Once cleared, our local team delivered the technical equipment to our clients local Kuala Lumpur office. Partnering with FGX, the entire door-to-door IT deployment took about a week. Coordinating directly with the manufacturer and SIRIM was critical for success.

FGX managed the entire type approval process, enabling a smooth customs process. Our project management approach required zero involvement on the client side.

When procuring IT equipment for your next technical infrastructure project in Malaysia, or any other international market, consider a centralized procurement strategy. Combining the deep discounts of domestic purchases with a trusted partner like FGX (providing door-to-door logistics project management expertise) will save you valuable time and money.