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Japan Importer of Record and IT Shipping

Shipping IT hardware into Japan requires a knowledgeable IOR provider, PSE clearance, and reliable last-mile delivery.

Japan Importer of Record at a Glance:

Importer of Record 

  • In general, clearing IT equipment into Japan as an Importer of Record is fairly quick. FGX enables our clients to act as the IOR, if they’re able to do so
  • If your product falls into one of 457 categories then you will need to pass a PSE inspection

IT Shipping & Logistics

  • Despite Japan being a dense island nation, last-mile delivery can be accomplished in 1 to 2 business days

Importer of Record and Pre-Shipment Documentation

In Japan, the customs process happens very quickly so it’s important to pay your duties and taxes ahead of time and to ensure your bill of materials is correctly declared. If you are on top of payment and paperwork, you can often clear customs within 24 hours of your shipment arriving in Japan. 

Importer of Record

Japan is an open economy and there are minimal requirements for a business to be able to act as the Importer of Record. Because of this, FGX works with our clients that have business entities in Japan to act as the IOR. FGX still ensures the necessary duties and taxes are paid, manages the documentation, and handles any customs issues that may arise. 

If you are unsure if you are qualified to be your own Importer of Record, read our piece on IOR here

PSE Inspection 

Although Japan is a relatively simple country to import IT equipment into, certain products will also need to pass PSE (Product Safety Electrical Appliance & Material) inspection. The PSE law regulates very specific electrical equipment and checks for safety. There are 457 categories of products that are regulated under the PSE so prior to shipping, it’s important to do your due diligence and check. There are rare cases when you may need to pass other regulatory requirements in Japan depending on the safety history of the product

Image via Japan Quality Assurance Organization 

IT Shipping & Logistics

As we said earlier, the customs process moves fairly quickly in Japan. As soon as FGX receives our client’s equipment, we’re able to turn around the paperwork and documentation within a day. Then, we ship the equipment on direct air freight, which has an average transport time of 3-4 business days or less. 

Additionally, despite being an island nation, last-mile delivery is fairly quick, even to remote locations. This is largely due to excellent transportation infrastructure. We typically expect 1 to 2 days for last-mile delivery.

FGX manages all of our client’s shipments door-to-door (or door-to-data center). This case study showcases how we navigated IT logistics and importation into Japan at the time that it was written. Regulations and challenges are constantly changing and exact shipping requirements may have changed. To learn more about FGX and how our global shipping platform can help your company, reach out here.