Israel Permits

Permit Support for Imports to Israel

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A global IT services company that recently went through a merger needed help to deliver hardware into Israel. The client had struggled to manage the strict Israeli import compliance standards post-merger. Unfortunately, these struggles resulted in delays and unhappy clients. FGX worked to make these issues go away. FGX’s suite of global deployment services made FGX an ideal solution for the client’s Israeli coverage.

FGX collected the hardware from Texas and transported it to our NYC transfer station. Once at our facility, we proceeded to run a full manifest check to ensure that all the equipment met the import standards in Israel. After confirming the paperwork, we booked a direct flight from JFK to TLV. The shipment was on its way to Israel the next day.

Once the consignment arrived in Israel, FGX acted as the Importer of Record on behalf of our client. We arranged for customs clearance and completed all the necessary documentation. We then facilitated MOC (Ministry of Communications) and MOS (Ministry of Standards) approvals with no involvement needed by the client.

Depending on the circumstances, both of these applications usually take 5-7 business days. During the approval process, a query was raised against the device by the MOC. Thanks to FGX’s technical expertise and close relationship with the manufacturer, the concerns were quickly resolved. Once receiving the import permits, the shipment was released by customs. Allowing our local team to make the final delivery to our client’s local office.

Understanding Israel’s clearance and compliance requirements allowed FGX to succeed for our client. We delivered the deployment in 10 business days door-to-door. The client praised our ability to mitigate concerns and solve critical problems. This built the client’s confidence in shipping more of their technical gear from the US into international markets.

Please think of FGX when procuring IT equipment for your next technical infrastructure project in Israel. You should also consider a centralized procurement and global deployment model in general. Combine the simplicity and discounts of domestic purchases with a trusted partner like FGX. When FGX provides post-sale support deployment, you will save valuable time and money.

We do not disclose our clients by design. After investigating if FGX is a good fit for your business, we would be happy to put you in touch with one of the clients we showcase.