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Importer of Record: Hong Kong

Buy Tech Hardware in the USA & Ship it to Hong Kong with FGXs services for Importer of Record, HKTID Import Permits, Customs Clearance, Direct Shipping.



Hong Kong is a free port resulting in cost-effective imports from a tax perspective and a relatively quick customs clearance process. For all “Dual-Use” equipment (typically encryption devices), Hong Kong requires import licensing prior to the shipment landing at HKG airport.

FGX’s importer of record service provides you with a safe, fast, and cost-efficient way to deploy IT hardware into Hong Kong.

Country Datasheet:

Importer of Record Available:

Exporter of Record Available:

Import Permit Required:

Used Equipment Permitted:

Import Taxes (VAT):


Duties on IT Hardware:


Typical Clearance Time:

13 Days

Hardware Cost Savings:


Ship IT Hardware Internationally to Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is an open port, so there are great opportunities to save money by centralizing your IT procurement. If you found us you most likely fall into one of these categories:

1) This is the first time that you’re trying to develop a solution in Hong Kong whether it’s in data center or on premises.

2) You have some experience maybe you have a business there but you don’t quite understand the import requirements from a licensing and compliance perspective.

3) You have lots of experience but maybe you’ve recognized that it’s expensive to procure inside of the Hong Kong market. You’re looking for other ways potentially to deploy from the U.S. and take advantage of some price arbitrage opportunities.

In any of those cases we’re specialists we understand the compliance landscape from an importer record standpoint as well as an exporter of record standpoint. If you need those services. If not, we can help you procure import licensing or just model out what it would cost to procure in the U.S. and deploy from here into that marketplace in comparison to procuring directly in the destination. In any of those scenarios we look forward to speaking with you and having a conversation that delivers value.