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Credit: Josiah Farrow

Global IT Infrastructure Upgrade

FGX facilitated a global IT upgrade that reduced sourcing costs by 18% and project management expenses by 85%.

FGX facilitated a global IT infrastructure upgrade that reduced sourcing costs by 18% and project management expenses by 85%.

We simplify seemingly complex IT shipping problems. All it takes is a conference call between the client, distributor and FGX to get started. Our systematic approach allows us to provide decreased complexity for the client while increasing transparency. The result is dramatic time and cost savings.

IT Infrastructure Upgrade Overview:

A top international law firm sought to simplify purchase and deployment of an IT infrastructure upgrade globally, while simultaneously decreasing project cost and resources. FGX provides logistical execution and project management by facilitating communication between manufacturer, distributor, and local authorities. Our global network executes seamless clearance and delivery no matter where you’re shipping.

The Challenge:

When managing global IT infrastructure upgrades or augmentation, companies are often forced to work with multiple foreign distributors, service consultants, and manufacturers, which increases complexity and decreases accountability. Disparate timelines, limited inventory, poor communication, and increased costs are all shortcomings of sourcing equipment abroad. 

By using American based distributors and an experienced technology logistics company – FGX – the top 50 law firm was able to source the necessary equipment cheaper and reduce the time their internal resources spent on completing the global upgrade.

The Plan:

FGX did the heavy lifting upfront by getting the pertinent information and documents prior to shipping. We work with the Infrastructure and Operations Team to develop a customized plan. In this case it consisted of three distinct phases, totaling 28 separate shipments to 12 international destinations. 

FGX conferred with their customs teams worldwide, confirming the necessary import requirements, taxes, and duties required by each country. Knowing that destinations like Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, and Brazil require special import licenses and import codes, FGX aided the client’s international offices in completing these processes, avoiding major delays and unnecessary fees.

The Execution:

Prior to shipping, FGX assessed the manufacturer’s packaging and crated fragile items to ensure they would arrive in perfect condition. All shipments were sent via direct flights and FGX prepaid all taxes and duties resulting in transit, customs clearance & delivery in as little as 2-days for each European shipment and 3-days for shipments to Asia and the Middle East.

In some cases, FGX provided importer of record services. This service was utilized in situations where the client lacked the appropriate import licenses for the destination country or necessary time to procure them.

The Results:

The law firm saved 18% in equipment cost, eliminated a client estimated 400 man hours of initial configuration, and reduced their project management expenses by 85%.