Dubai UAE Importer of Record

Seamless Shipping to Dubai & Abu Dhabi with FGX’s IOR Service

10 . 09 . 17

A software-defined video solutions manufacturer needed help supporting their United Arab Emirates coverage. The client had struggled with the strict UAE compliance standards in the past. Unfortunately, these struggles resulted in delays and unhappy clients. FGX worked to make their struggle go away.

FGX’s suite of global deployment services made FGX an ideal solution for the client:

  • Importer of Record
  • Customs Clearance
  • Consulting on Import Compliance
  • Door-to-Door Logistics
  • Project Management

FGX collected the hardware from Portland, Oregon and transported it to our local transfer station. Once at our facility, we proceeded to run a full manifest check to ensure that the equipment met all import standards in the UAE. After confirming the paperwork, we booked a direct flight from PDX to DXB.

The shipment was on its way to Dubai the next day. Once the consignment arrived in Dubai, FGX acted as the Importer of Record on behalf of our client. We arranged for customs clearance and completed all the necessary documentation. We then facilitated TRA approval with no involvement needed by the client.

In the UAE, any mistake in the paperwork can result in long delays and heavy fines. To mitigate delay, FGX performed a second compliance check to ensure that the shipment would clear UAE customs. We reviewed the weights, dimensions, part numbers, and descriptions, to dot every “i” and cross every “t”.

Next, we facilitated the process to have our client hand sign all import paperwork in blue ink. This detail is a requirement in most Middle Eastern countries. To acquire the import permits for the hardware, FGX represented the client during the TRA application process. We obtained the permits without delay, then presented the required paperwork to the inspection agents. FGX completed the Portland to Dubai, door-to-door deployment in 7 business days. This transit time exceeded the client’s expectations.

Please think of FGX when procuring IT equipment for your next technical infrastructure project in the UAE. You should also consider a centralized procurement and global deployment model in general. Combine the simplicity and discounts of domestic purchases with a trusted partner like FGX. When we provide post-sale deployment support, you will save valuable time and money.