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Importer of Record Chile

Door-to-Door Services From NYC to Santiago, Chile in 4 Business Days

A Global Asset Management Company was performing upgrades to their video conferencing, telephony, and data center technology for their local office in Santiago, Chile. Using the “Buy Local – Ship Local” methodology, the equipment was procured in the United States for export to Chile. The tight timeline of the project made it critical that the equipment arrive without any delays. Even though the company had a business entity in Chile, the client did not have the staff or customs accreditation to act as an importer.

FGX’s Importer of Record service along with our logistics, customs, compliance and door-to-door offerings provided the ideal solution for our client. As deployment experts, we made sure that all necessary documentation and permits were completed to prevent any delays to the shipment. Once our client received all their purchased equipment at their office in New York City, FGX arranged for same-day pickup.

Prior to export, we double-checked to make sure all equipment was accounted for and met all import standards into Chile. The shipment was booked on a direct flight from JFK to SCL with our airline partner and was in the air on the way to Santiago, Chile the next day.

Once the shipment arrived in Santiago, FGX acted as the importer of record on behalf of our client and arranged for the shipment to clear customs with the necessary documentation required. As FGX was the importer of record, there was no involvement needed by the client during the clearance process.

The shipment cleared customs within 2 days and was retrieved for final delivery to our client’s office in Santiago, Chile. FGX was able to complete the New York – Santiago, door-to-door deployment in 4 business days, greatly exceeding our client’s expectations.

When procuring IT equipment for your offices in Chile, or any other international market, consider FGX’s “Buy Local – Ship Global” model. This methodology enables you to make international purchases as if they were just big domestic purchases, saving you time and money.