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Credit: John Towner

Deploying IT Gear to Europe

FGX consolidated, repackaged, and exported over 50 distinct IT components to datacenters in Europe, reducing implementation time by 50%.

FGX consolidated, repackaged, and exported over 50 distinct IT components to datacenters in Europe, reducing implementation time by 50%.


A multinational financial services firm wanted to combine IT equipment the firm already owned with new equipment purchased from several different suppliers and manufacturers across the US. This equipment would then need to be consolidated and shipped to datacenters and offices in Europe. 

FGX arranged the logistics from the US distributors back to its export preparation center. We then inventoried, consolidated and re-packed over 50 separate components of IT equipment based on their final destination.

The Challenge:

Our client, a global financial services firm, regularly purchased IT equipment in foreign markets. However, the markups oversees combined with the difficulty in navigating language barriers and time zone differences drove them to find a new option. The firm decided to reuse surplus equipment already purchased along with new inventory from preferred US vendors, to save time and money.

The Plan:

FGX‘s world-class operators took over the logistical management of the upgrade and employed their process-based approach and project management tools to ensure the firm’s shipping needs were met. 

To save costs, reduce customs clearance time, and ensure all equipment was sent to the correct location, FGX’s team liaised with the client, their suppliers, and the manufacturers, to coordinate and consolidate over 50 separate components.

The Execution:

FGX received all equipment at their export preparation center, where their packaging and customs specialists ensured that each shipment was correctly packed and accurately declared so duties and taxes could be pre-paid. All shipments were scheduled with the receiving offices and datacenters in Europe and then flown directly into Paris & London.

Customs cleared the equipment same-day and then dedicated delivery handlers ensured safe transit to the final destination. Total door-to-door transit time for these shipments was less than 48 hours.

The Results:

Our client saved 10% by purchasing equipment in the U.S. and completed an IT upgrade for two European offices 50% faster.