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Ship cleaner. Ship direct
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      Abu Dhabi

      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 6869
      Hub-and-spoke: 8673


      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 3677
      Hub-and-spoke: 5860


      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 3868
      Hub-and-spoke: 5256


      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 6839
      Hub-and-spoke: 8063


      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 3701
      Hub-and-spoke: 4848

      Buenos Aires

      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 5309
      Hub-and-spoke: 6173


      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 3888
      Hub-and-spoke: 5771


      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 3899
      Hub-and-spoke: 5845

      Hong Kong

      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 8082
      Hub-and-spoke: 8499


      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 7999
      Hub-and-spoke: 10923


      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 3485
      Hub-and-spoke: 4761


      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 3627
      Hub-and-spoke: 6191


      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 3374
      Hub-and-spoke: 4444


      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 8223
      Hub-and-spoke: 10672


      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 4030
      Hub-and-spoke: 6109


      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 4679
      Hub-and-spoke: 6180

      New Delhi

      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 7319
      Hub-and-spoke: 9573


      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 3669
      Hub-and-spoke: 4660

      Sao Paulo

      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 4789
      Hub-and-spoke: 5843


      Distance (miles)
      Direct shipping: 6774
      Hub-and-spoke: 7200


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      Get 24 more hours to deadline, we know your priorities and you'll notice we care.


      Couture needed in Europe tomorrow? We'll get it there, dealing with divas, customs and deadlines - no problem.

      Media & Entertainment

      Talent, distributers, buyers... the most demanding? Certainly we can help you with the pressure to deliver.


      Fairs, galleries, biennials or clients, we take the complexity out of acting globally.

      Business Services

      We understand what it takes to impress clients. Allow FGX to help you impress yours.


      In finance, time is of the essence. Let us bring the world's financial centers 24 hours closer with direct shipping.

      Consumer Commodities

      When shipping hazardous materials, it's our expertise that protects your brand.


      When servicing consumers, accountability is paramount. FGX helps you compete globally.


      If shipping is the cardiovascular system of a manufacturing company, FGX is the oxygen.

      Not For Profit

      Spend less give more; ask us about our special pricing for Not for Profit organizations.


      Chain of custody counts, reduce your transit friction. Increase compliance with FGX today.


      Once upon a time international shipping was fast. Then FGX made it 24 hours faster.


      Who knows what you do, we don't. Contact us for help to find a shipping solution that fits your needs.

        Enhancing the competitive advantage

        Reach your goals and gain competitive advantage

        Your focus is on managing the supply chain, staying within budget, and maintaining your competitive advantage. Our focus is on giving you the tools to make all those things happen and help you stay ahead of your competitors.

        FGX helps you:

        • Strengthen the management of your organization’s shipping program
        • Meet your organization’s environmental stewardship goals
        • Maintain your organization’s competitive edge in a global market
        • Increase operating efficiency
        Optimizing the supply chain

        Improve and streamline your operations

        Your focus is on optimizing your supply chain, supporting an ever-changing suite of shipping needs, and finding innovative ways to keep costs low and performance high. Our focus is on having the services and expertise in place to help you increase your organization’s shipping efficiency and reach your goals.

        FGX’s direct shipping solution gives you:

        • Hands-on optimization for your organization’s supply chain or shipping program
        • Tools for managing increased or more complex shipping activities
        • A simplified process to engage your global audience
        • Ways for you to contribute to your organization’s sustainability initiatives
        Getting things done

        Make it easy to ship international

        Your focus is on managing declarations and making sure your time-sensitive packages arrive on time, while getting more shipments out the door every day. Our focus is on helping you get things done.

        With FGX’s client-focused shipping solution, you can:

        • Ship goods internationally faster
        • Manage all of your daily shipping activities through our easy-to-use web interface
        • Access real-time tracking data on demand
        • Make sure your paperwork is compliant—even on the most complex shipments

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