Shipping IT Equipment to Rwanda

Shipping Equipment Rwanda


A global telecommunications service provider had to deliver specialized equipment to a mobile network provider in Kigali, Rwanda. Without an import license or business entity, they needed a full service supply chain provider to properly import the IT hardware into Rwanda on their behalf.

FGX enabled the client to support their data center operations in Rwanda without having to setup a local business entity capable of importing technology hardware.


What is RURA/RSB Approval?
All telecommunications devices being imported into Rwanda need to gain approval from the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) and Rwanda Standards Board (RSB). To do this, we provided the RURA with requested device specs and data sheets. After approval by the RURA, the RSB ran a inspection on the shipment for final approval. The whole process was finalized with a signature by the director of the RSB.


FGX was able to handle the entire logistics process from local collection to final delivery. Our team in Rwanda was able to handle the shipment effortlessly through the custom process allowing for expedited clearance timeline. The client was able to procure their hardware in the USA and seamlessly ship it to Rwanda.

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