Shipping IT Equipment to Mexico

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Our client, a US-based global IT management company, had to deliver specialized IT equipment to their customer’s office in Mexico City. Without an import license or business entity, they needed a full service supply chain provider to properly import the specialized equipment into Mexico on their behalf.

FGX gave the client the confidence and peace of mind that they could procure their IT hardware in the USA and successfully deploy it to their office in Mexico City.


Mexico Process Importer of Record
Mexico Process Importer of Record
Pre-Validation Procedures for Mexican Customs
Shipments headed to Mexico from the U.S. must go through the pre-validation procedure. The process starts when our team pre-validates the shipment by verifying the shipment contents against the commercial invoice by pulling all serial numbers off each device.

Once all the import paperwork is finalized, a customs inspection is scheduled with customs officials. If everything is properly prepared the shipment will pass the customs clearance procedure smoothly.


FGX was able to handle the entire logistics process from local collection to final delivery. Our team of Mexican customs specialists were able to handle the shipment effortlessly through the customs clearance process allowing for an expedited clearance timeline. The client was able to procure their hardware in the USA and seamlessly ship it to Mexico, saving both time and money.

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