Global IT Shipping – Iceland Import/Export

Importer of Record Iceland

Shipping IT gear from Iceland to New York and London, door to door in under 7 days. No place is too remote for FGX and its global network.


A client traveling to Iceland to oversee the movement of equipment from their Reykjavik facility to both New York and London, needed a logistics partner; the partner would facilitate pick-up, crating and transportation to both destinations.

We were contacted by the client to arrange these moves for them with only a few days’ notice. FGX’s team in country met the client on-site at the datacenter. After assessing their needs we devised a plan for the pickup and custom crating of the IT gear. We then prepared it for direct flights to London and New York.

The Challenge:

We were given less than a week to plan and allocate the necessary resources for a multi-destination export of IT gear in a remote country with limited transportation infrastructure. Nearly 2,000 lbs of sensitive IT gear had to be soft packed on-site then crated to ensure safe international transport. The government of Iceland was prioritizing the exportation of seafood over electronics or any other cargo. This could have resulted in departure delays that would have undermined the success of the project.

The Plan:

Considering the short notice from the client, we needed to work with our agents in Iceland to schedule a rush pickup and arrange for them to bring all of the necessary packing materials to the datacenter. We contacted our partner airlines to arrange for priority cargo space, to thereby avoid potential delays caused by the government’s export restrictions. Our customs brokerage team completed all import/export paperwork prior to departure and pre-wired the duties and taxes to the customs authorities at each destination.

The Execution:

Our team arranged a pick-up in Iceland over the weekend to coincide with our client’s trip out to Iceland on Monday. We coordinated the on-time pick-up, sorting of gear, custom crating, and transit to both LHR and JFK. We pre-cleared both shipments while they were in transit to mitigate any customs delays upon arrival. Our efforts resulted in a seamless customs clearance process and on-time delivery for the client.

The Result:

FGX managed a multi-destination export of IT equipment from Iceland. We took care of everything, saved the client time, and gave him peace of mind.