Shipping IT Equipment to China

FGX’s team of customs specialists will help you navigate Mainland China’s complex regulatory landscape to successfully import IT infrastructure.


Shipping into Mainland China is difficult, attempting to import IT gear can be nearly impossible with the political and regulatory landscape. Previous shipments of tech equipment using another carrier were detained by customs. The client’s Shanghai office did not possess the necessary import licenses which are costly and time consuming to obtain.

Our world-class operations team employed our process-based approach and project management tools to ensure our client’s shipping needs were met. FGX arranged Importer of Record (IOR) service to provide the necessary import licenses. The equipment was custom crated and flown directly into Shanghai for clearance & delivery.

The Challenge:

The client faced a myriad of issues when attempting to import IT equipment into China.

  • Previous shipments of tech equipment using another carrier were detained by customs.
  • The Shanghai office did not possess the necessary import licenses which are costly and time consuming to obtain.
  • The Chinese government requires most electronics to possess a “CCC Certificate” from the manufacturer prior to import.
  • The timeline to complete the upgrades was aggressive and any delays in customs or transit had to be avoided at all costs.

The Plan:

Our world-class operations team employed our process-based approach and project management tools to ensure our client’s shipping needs were met.

  • FGX’s team of customs specialists investigated the specific requirements for importing the IT gear.
  • An Importer of Record (IOR) service was arranged to provide the necessary import licenses.
  • FGX contacted the manufacturer and received guidance on importing the gear “3C exempt”.
  • The equipment was custom crated and flown directly into Shanghai for clearance & delivery.

The Execution:

The equipment was delivered to the Shanghai office on time, despite the many complexities present. The infrastructure upgrade was completed with peace of mind and confidence that their tech was spec’d and configured exactly to their needs. FGX continues to be the vendor of choice for IT infrastructure, telephony and end-user support across the globe.

The Result:

FGX utilized Importer of Record services to navigate the complex licensing requirements in China. The equipment was cleared and delivered successfully within 15 business days.