Deploying IT Equipment to Amsterdam: A Rush to Meet the Engineer

Importer of Record Amsterdam

Need your IT Gear from New York to Amsterdam in under 72 hours? FGX has the network and know-how to make that happen for you.


FGX was contacted by a valued client who specializes in managed data center solutions. An engineer was personally flying to Amsterdam in four days. He needed the two pallets of equipment transported, cleared, and delivered before his arrival. We were only given 24 hours notice.

FGX was able to pick up and pack the equipment the same day we were alerted of the project. Utilizing our airline network, the equipment was shipped direct the following day and arrived in AMS two days later. The equipment was cleared through customs and arrived at the data center before the client even landed.

The Challenge:

Given the extremely tight timeline of the project (a strict four day deadline), FGX had to be laser focused in executing this shipment. Our project management team planned out each step of the project while our expert operations team carried out the logistics.

Delays in transit or customs clearance could be devastating for the client who had specifically scheduled staff to fly to Amsterdam from the US for this implementation. To mitigate the risk of a delay in customs, FGX prepped the documentation prior to departure and pre-cleared the shipment by wiring duties & taxes to Dutch customs up-front.

The Plan:

Once we were given the green light from the client; we immediately started executing. We set strict time parameters for each step from pick up to delivery to ensure a successful project. By harmonizing and classifying the shipment to the tariff code first, we reduced the customs processing time and were able to accurately calculate duty & tax.

We then reached out to our agents in Amsterdam in order to expedite the clearance process prior to the shipment’s arrival in country. We utilized FGX’s IAC and IATA memberships to guarantee space for two pallets on a direct flight from JFK to AMS.

The Execution:

Our team was dispatched to the pick up location where they inventoried and soft packed the Cisco servers & switches. FGX was able to have the pallets of equipment custom packed same-day so that the shipment could be tendered to the airline for a flight the next morning.

As the gear flew on a direct flight to Amsterdam, FGX pre-cleared the shipment with customs, resulting in a confirmed clearance the same day of arrival. This guaranteed that the equipment could be delivered safely to the datacenter ahead of schedule.

The Result:

FGX delivered gear to meet a client personally flying to Amsterdam. FGX enabled him to configure and bring desperately needed compute & storage resources online.

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