FGX’s Logistics & Compliance Process

We’re process driven people. Here’s what a typical engagement will look like with us.

BOM Analysis

You’ll hear us say BOM (Bill of Materials) a lot. This is simply a detailed list of the equipment you’re planning to ship including it’s purchase price (or depreciated value if it’s used gear).

Getting us a BOM (or Commercial Invoice) is the first step to having a meaningful conversation about feasibility, costs, & timelines.

Cost & Compliance Simulation

With the list of what you’d like to ship in hand, our operations team will run a full shipment simulation to estimate all-in costs and determine all import/export permit, license, and documentation requirements.

We do the heavy lifting up front to make sure there are no surprises once the shipment gets moving.

Export Preparation

When the shipment becomes live, our team will finalize the duty & tax estimate as well as any IOR service fees [if required]. We will issue you a pre-payment invoice to collect these funds up front.

FGX manages all shipments with DDP incoterms (Delivered Duty Paid) which means we pre-pay any duties & taxes to customs before the shipment even arrives so clearances are lightning fast and your shipment never has to sit in a bonded warehouse.

Pickup & Packing

While most of our clients drop-ship their hardware to our transfer station in New York City, we can arrange pickups from anywhere in the USA [or the world]. Once we receive your gear, we manifest each item down to the serial number to ensure all of our customs documentation matches the physical shipment perfectly.

For fragile, heavy, or oversized shipments, we custom crate the hardware with anti-static foam & IPCC treated wood. We have no problem crating a cabinet full of hardware and nose-cone loading it onto a 747.

Direct Air Freight

FGX’s IATA membership and IAC status means we can belly load cargo & commercial aircraft on any airline. We fly our shipments direct to the destination and don’t utilize hub-and-spoke carriers like Fedex, UPS, or DHL.

Since we are the freight carrier and manage the customs & compliance processes ourselves, we have absolute control over each shipment.

Customs Clearance with IOR

We will manage the entire customs clearance process on your behalf as the Importer of Record, create all the documentation, obtain import permits or licenses where needed, and resolve any questions that the customs officials may have.

For many destinations, your shipment will clear customs while the goods are in flight. For countries with complex customs procedures like China, Brazil & Russia, our local customs experts will process your shipment upon arrival and provide you with real-time status updates.

Final Delivery

Once your shipment is safely delivered, FGX will alert you immediately and provide you with the details of who signed for it. If you are shipping to the European Union, FGX can provide you with information to help you reclaim the import VAT paid.

We also offer a range of data center services to assist you with unpacking, installing, cabling, and configuring IT equipment in over 15 destinations worldwide.