Shipping Employee Tech to India

09 . 10 . 15

FGX expedited the shipping and clearance of staff computing equipment to India, reducing the existing transit timeline from months to a single week.


A large multinational consulting and professional services firm was looking to improve the export of personal IT equipment containing lithium ion batteries. Due to the lack of a streamlined process and ineffective and unresponsive local counterparts in India, standard shipments had been delayed up to 3 months. 

Our specialists liaised with the logistics team in India to understand the clearance difficulties and devise a plan to improve communication and decrease transit timelines. The result is a simplified process that’s easy for both domestic and foreign teams to follow.

The Challenge:

Our client, a multinational consulting and professional services firm, had a set of used laptops that needed to be sent out to multiple locations in India under tight deadlines. When attempting to send the items out through their internal processes, the shipments were delayed for over 3 months and still were no closer to their final destination in India. 

With a large number of employees in India they needed a better way to get high priority shipments cleared and delivered to meet the required deadlines. Also many of these shipments contained lithium ion batteries which posed yet another hurdle to timely transit.

The Plan:

FGX understood the required timelines, pain points, and key players and provided clear instructions that allowed for the direct drop of equipment to FGX’s New York hub for proper preparation for export. We identified key roadblocks to successful shipments, such as the requirement for items containing Lithium Ion batteries to have appropriate documentation, labels and packing.

Anything less would cause long delays with both the airlines and on the ground in India. FGX understood the importance of coordinating with the local compliance team to ensure all appropriate documentation was taken care of prior to export.

FGX provided all the necessary guidance, labels, and documentation to safely overnight the laptops to our NYC hub. Once the laptops arrived at our facility, they were repacked for international transport. All of the customs documentation was prepared and then pre-cleared with the local team in India. 

FGX utilized direct flights to maximize speed, control, and traceability. Once on the gear was on the ground in India, FGX continually followed-up to ensure the shipments cleared customs and were delivered to the final consignee without any delay.

The Results:

The client now has a simple process to export pre-configured laptops to India, ensuring future shipments will consistently arrive without delays.