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Kuwait Importer of Record and IT Shipping

Importer of Records to Kuwait manage a complicated KUCAS approval process and assist with all necessary additional documentation.

Kuwait Importer of Record at a Glance: 

Importer of Record 

  • All shipments to Kuwait will require commercial invoices and certificates of origin
  • IT and electronic equipment will require KUCAS approval

IT Shipping & Logistics

  • There are no logistical difficulties for deploying IT hardware into Kuwait, but there is a lengthy documentation process
  • We recommend buying new equipment in its original packaging to ensure customs clearance proceeds smoothly

Importer of Record and Pre-Shipment Documentation 

Importer of Record 

It’s uncommon for our clients to have a local entity in Kuwait and, therefore, they frequently utilize our Importer of Record service. If you are looking to import IT hardware into Kuwait, FGX can act as the Importer of Record and complete the required permits on your behalf.

Documentation and Standards Compliance 

In addition to standard shipping documentation (bill of materials, master airway bill, etc.), all shipments to Kuwait will require commercial invoices and certificates of origin. These documents allow customs to track the ownership of the equipment and ensure that it complies with local safety standards. The documentation approval process is very strict in Kuwait and you must fill out all documents diligently prior to inspection. After you have completed pre-shipment documentation, you must get the documents chamber attested in order to gain customs approval.

After you have completed and chamber attested the documents, typically shipments of IT and electronic equipment must receive KUCAS (Kuwait Conformity Assurance Scheme) approval. KUCAS is a specific set of regulatory criteria for products like telecommunications and primary devices. KUCAS approval may also require an in-person inspection. This inspection must be done before your shipment is shipped to Kuwait. You cannot ship any of your equipment until KUCAS has completed the in-person inspection and they have issued proper approvals. 

IT Shipping & Logistics 

Delivery Timeline

Air freight and last-mile delivery are relatively quick and take around 2 to 3 days each. However, document preparation, in-person inspections, customs clearance and the KUCAS approval can take weeks. You should plan ahead so that you can factor in a couple of weeks for end-to-end delivery.

Used Goods 

Like with most countries that require strict document compliance and approval, we typically recommend that you avoid shipping used goods. In order to pass inspection and gain the proper approvals, your equipment should be new and in all of the original packaging.

FGX manages all of our client’s shipments door-to-door (or door-to-datacenter). This case study showcases how we navigated IT logistics and importation into Kuwait at the time that it was written. Regulations and challenges are constantly changing and exact shipping requirements may have changed. To learn more about FGX and how our global shipping platform can help your company, reach out here.