Japan Importer of Record

Strategic Data Center Imports – Japan

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A value-added technology reseller of networking and data center cloud services needed to deliver IT hardware into a Data Center into Tokyo to increase their capacity in Japan. The client had some past experience in Japan but did not fully understand the import requirements associated with importing technology into the country.

The client contacted FGX with the understanding that purchasing their equipment in the United Kingdom and shipping it into Japan was a more cost effective solution.

FGX’s Importer of Record service, along with our door-to-door IT hardware deployment solutions made FGX an ideal partner for the client. FGX collected the data center hardware in London and moved it to our designated UK transfer center. Once at our transfer center, we ran a full manifest check to ensure equipment accuracy. We also confirmed that the hardware met all import standards in Japan.

Next, we booked a direct flight from LHR to NRT with our airline partner. The shipment was on its way to Japan the next day. When the shipment arrived in Japan, FGX managed the Importer of Record process. We then arranged for customs clearance with all the required documents and authorizations.

To import technology into Japan, the shipping documents must accurately reflect import requirements and the hardware must pass product testing standards. Paperwork is reviewed based on the Japanese Measurement Law. Any inaccuracy or contradiction in the import or product documents can lead to fines or delays.

The hardware must indicate it has passed product tests with a PSE label affixed. We worked directly with the manufacturer to procure the proper certificates showing technical approvals for all of the gear in the consolidation. Accounting for all import requirements and approvals, FGX was able to facilitate a seamless import of technical hardware into Japan with zero client involvement.

Partnering with FGX, the entire door-to-door IT deployment took about a week. FGX managed the entire approval process, enabling a smooth customs clearance. Our project management approach kept all stakeholders in the loop every step of the way.

FGX even handled the acquisition of the data center delivery ticket required to complete the final delivery. When procuring IT equipment for your next technical infrastructure project in Japan, or any other international market, consider a centralized procurement strategy.

Combining the deep discounts of domestic purchases with a trusted partner like FGX (providing door-to-door logistics project management expertise) you will save valuable time and money.