Brazil Importer of Record

Importing IT Equipment into Brazil

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A top law firm purchased the exact gear they needed in the US, configured it to their specs, then shipped it to Brazil with no delays or customs issues. FGX made it possible.


The client continually struggled to get IT equipment to their office in Sao Paulo. Numerous failures in the past had discouraged them from any future import attempts. Their only option was to purchase similar equipment locally and pay the highly marked-up retail prices. 

Working with our partner in Brazil, we were able to provide an Importer of Record (IOR) service for the client. The IOR acts as the importing entity and leverages their vast experience interfacing with customs to clear the shipment successfully. In about a week, the IT gear was delivered to the client’s Brazil office, even in the midst of a customs strike.

The Challenge:

A top 50 Law Firm wanted to purchase and configure IT equipment for its offices in Sao Paulo. They had struggled to import the equipment they needed in the past because they lacked the proper entity type to register with Brazilian customs. 

They were only able to import small items, and even these items which only accounted for a fraction of their needs, caused hours of headaches for the project managers and often ended in shipments being held indefinitely in customs. After years of trying unsuccessfully to import IT gear into Brazil, the Firm was skeptical that anyone could accomplish this for them.

The Plan: 

The equipment was drop-shipped to FGX’s warehouse, where it was re-packed and prepped for international transit. To import a shipment of substantial value, the local commercial entity needs to be RADAR registered.

In this case, the client was not previously RADAR registered and was not eligible for RADAR registration due to their tax status as a law firm. FGX understood the client’s situation and presented an alternative plan, the Importer of Record (IOR) Service.

The IOR service involves a trading company who imports the goods on behalf of the client and legally transfers ownership back to the client after customs clearance.

The Execution: 

FGX’s local partner acted as the IOR and imported the goods into Brazil through a trading company set up for this purpose. FGX placed the shipment on a direct flight into Sao Paulo resulting in the quickest possible transit time of 1 day.

Once customs clearance was completed, FGX arranged for a delivery time at the convenience of the consignee and ensured that the consignee had minimal work to do throughout the process. Once delivery had been completed, FGX arranged for the transfer of ownership from the trading company to the firm’s Sao Paulo office.

The Results:

The client got the exact equipment they needed imported to their Sao Paulo office in record time, with minimal hassle, and no customs delays. FGX made it possible.