Importer of Record Philippines

Importer of Record Services – Encrypted Tokens to Manila

06 . 14 . 16

Delivering encrypted tokens from Seattle to Manila in 7 days. No import registration? No import license? No problem.


Our client needed to supply their Manila team with encrypted RSA tokens so their local team could access the global network. They were under a tight deadline to bring these additional staff online, but didn’t have the authorization to import these goods on their own.

We collected the tokens same-day and routed them through Hong Kong while conducting the necessary due diligence to import into Manila. We quickly determined the local company was not licensed to import encrypted hardware, and made arrangements for an IOR service while the tokens were in transit to ensure smooth clearance & delivery.

The Challenge:

We were informed that the shipment had to move immediately. We were provided with limited information on the items and the nature of the consignee. Encrypted RSA tokens require detailed export compliance procedures as well as a range of import documents and licenses in order to be delivered in the Philippines. Our client did not have a consignee that was registered with the Philippine Bureau of Customs and therefore would not be able to formally import the shipment.

The Plan:

FGX’s team in the Philippines, once realizing the consignee did not have appropriate import permits, began making the Importer of Record (IOR) arrangements and applied for the required import licenses.

We contacted our partner airlines to arrange for priority cargo space, then got the shipment moving while the export compliance paperwork was completed. Our customs brokerage team completed all import paperwork while the shipment was en-route. We pre-wired the duties and taxes to the customs authorities in Manila to ensure a smooth clearance.

The Execution:

Our team arranged a pick-up in Seattle and immediately flew the shipment to our Hong Kong hub. We completed the import licenses and made arrangements for the Import of Record service as well as all ownership transfer documents while the shipment was in transit to mitigate any customs delays upon arrival. Our service resulted in a seamless customs clearance process and on-time delivery for the client.

The Result:

FGX managed a rush shipment that required an IOR service and completed the delivery from Seattle to Manila seamlessly in under a week.