Importer of Record Service Opens New Markets

09 . 07 . 16

FGX Opens New Markets for Clients via: Importer of Record & Logistical Support Across South America


The client needed to deploy used computer equipment to a new office in Lima, Peru. They had a business entity in Peru, but it was not set up to conduct formal imports and therefore required an importer of record service to facilitate clearance and delivery. The FGX operations team researched the required import authorizations and managed the Importer of Record process to procure these permits on behalf of the client. Once the upfront compliance work was finished, FGX flew the equipment on a direct flight to Lima.

The Challenge:

The client’s local office was not setup as an importer and did not possess the needed import permits from the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC). They had a tight timeline to receive the equipment as it was needed to complete the setup of a new office. There was not enough time to apply for a general importer license, or for the specific permits needed from the MTC.

The Plan:

FGX would run a full compliance simulation to harmonize the tariff codes, pull export classification control numbers (ECCNs) and determine the exact import permits necessary. Once the compliance landscape was fully understood, FGX would arrange for an Importer of Record with the appropriate permits to import the used IT hardware. In order to minimize delays at Peruvian customs, FGX would also make arrangements for duties & taxes to be paid in advance of the shipment arriving at the airport in Lima.

The Execution:

FGX coordinated the pick-up, packing and same-day departure for the equipment from Central Florida. The shipment was placed on a direct flight to Lima, providing the fastest possible transit time. The duties & taxes were pre-paid to customs and all paperwork was pre-filed prior to the shipment’s arrival. Despite the preparations, a local customs official requested additional paperwork, which was quickly completed by FGX and returned for final approval. After clearing customs, FGX then arranged for final delivery to the consignee. The entire shipment was completed, door-to-door, within 10 business days.

The Result:

FGX enabled the client to re-purpose used equipment and quickly stand up a new office in Lima, Peru. The process was seamless and required minimal input from the client.