Saudi Arabia Importer of Record

Seamless Technology Shipping to Saudi Arabia

06 . 05 . 17

FGX Manages the Complex Documentation Required for Imports to Saudi Arabia

A global hardware reseller had a specific requirement to move a CISCO router to Saudi Arabia and did not have a registered business entity with the necessary import authorizations to move the items into the country. As all imports to Saudi Arabia must be registered to a company wholly owned by Saudi-based stakeholders, FGX’s local partner would act as the Importer of Record on behalf of the hardware reseller.

The shipment had an ECCN (encryption classification) of 5A002 and an HS code that required a certificate of conformity (CoC) to be procured. These certificates, in addition to certificates of origin are required on a per-shipment basis, and must be generated in the name of the importer of record, before being stamped by a local chamber of commerce.

In order to save as much time as possible, FGX immediately began the process for obtaining a certificate of conformity which would satisfy the Saudi Arabian Standard Organization (SASO) certification requirements.

Certificates of Conformity (CoC) can take up to two weeks to obtain as they require a product testing company to visit the shipper’s facility, inspect the equipment and then issue the certification. FGX has partnered with several leading product testing firms to offer our clients several options depending upon where the shipment is originating.

While this CoC process was being completed, FGX collected hand-signed original versions of the certificate of origin and commercial invoice from the client. The documents were then attested and stamped by a local chamber of commerce by FGX on behalf of the client.

As soon as a green light was given by the local customs team, FGX tendered the shipment on a direct flight to King Abdulaziz International Airport. With all of the documentation prepared and approved ahead of time during FGX’s customs compliance simulation, the shipment cleared customs and was safely delivered to the end user.