Importer of Record Philippines

Importer of Record: Philippines

04 . 14 . 17

FGX procures the import permits you need from the NTC & OMB to successfully import technology hardware into the Philippines

A multinational consulting and audit firm had a project in the Philippines which required shipping infrastructure hardware from the US to their local office. Given the tight timeline of the project it was critical that the gear get there without any unnecessary delays.

Despite having a registered business entity in the Philippines, the client did not have the required customs accreditation to act as an importer. FGX’s IOR service coupled with its logistics, customs compliance and last-mile delivery offering provided the ideal solution for the client. Prior to the shipment departing the USA, FGX managed the application process for two necessary import permits:

  • National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) Permits are required for any devices that support networking or radio communication. This permit is required on a per-shipment basis and typically takes 7-10 business days to process.
  • Optical Media Board (OMB) Permits are required for any devices that utilize optical communication or optical/magnetic storage. This permit is also needed on a per-shipment basis and can take 7-14 business days to process.

In addition to the import permits, FGX’s operations team also needed to ensure that all other documentation requirements for Filipino customs were in place prior to the shipment departing. We prepared the commercial invoice, packing list, and procured detailed data sheets for each device.

Depending on the value, Filipino customs may also require that purchase orders be supplied to provide additional proof of declared value. As soon as the import permits were approved, FGX tendered the equipment on a direct flight from New York to Manila, the goods arrived within 24 hours. On arrival, our customs team efficiently cleared the shipment in 3 business days and delivered the same day as clearance. FGX’s logistics & compliance services allowed the client to deploy infrastructure equipment from the US to its remote team in the Philippines quickly and without any delays in customs.