Importer of Record India

Rapid IT Deployments to India – Importer of Record

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FGX deployed servers to 12 remote destinations in India including the contested Jammu and Kashmir Region

Our client needed to roll out equipment for an upgrade at 12 of their Indian office locations. Time was once again of the essence for this deployment. The client was painfully aware from past experiences, that the customs clearance processes and requirements in India, if done incorrectly, can leave a shipment stuck for weeks at a time.

FGX’s importer of record service and customs compliance management prevented any potential issues associated with importing into India. Furthermore, the client’s specific labelling protocol was used to ensure efficient distribution of the servers once the shipment was cleared and retrieved in New Delhi.

The Challenge

As with most of the Indian sub-continent, customs processes and requirements for clearance of any shipment is rather complicated and time intensive. One simple error or oversight in a shipments paperwork can cause lengthy delays.

This is precisely what caused this client to seek FGX out. Our client had 12 destinations which it needed to quickly deploy hardware in India while their holidays were rapidly approaching. FGX was cognizant of these religious holidays in India and built a timeline to ensure that the shipment would be retrieved from customs before that period.

The Plan

Once the shipment was approved, FGX made the pick-up and immediately tagged each server with a customer reference number as well as FGX reference number. The serial number of the part was mapped to the final delivery address. FGX obtained: BIS Certificates, Country of Origin (COO), and HS codes on behalf of the client.

We also procured datasheets to ensure that customs had all the required information for clearance. The client requested our IOR service and as such FGX acted as the IOR and facilitated the customs clearance process. Once a shipment arrives in Delhi Airport, customs release typically takes 5 – 7 business days. Using FGX’s IOR process, the shipment was cleared and retrieved in 3 business days.

The Execution

Upon clearance into India, the consolidated shipment was broken down and each individual deployment was re-packed and directly couriered to its final destination. FGX was extremely careful when sending shipments to the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which is in a constant state of conflict between India and Pakistan.

FGX checked with both the consignee as well as local police and military for guidance before transporting any of the shipments to this location. Our methodology ensured that all 12 shipments were delivered ahead of schedule to their final destinations and the deployment bound for Jammu and Kashmir was delivered in the safest manner possible.