Singapore Importer of Record

Shipping IT Hardware to Data Centers in Singapore

07 . 23 . 18


A global product certification company needed to urgently replace critical resources at their central APAC data center, located in Singapore. They wanted to source IT equipment in the United States for their APAC region. They were under a tight deadline to replace critical resources at their central Singapore data center. Purchasing the hardware in Singapore was not an option as they did not have a local business entity setup. Their stack was located at a colocated data center facility, therefore they needed a logistics partner with importer of record capabilities to assist with customs clearance.


Singapore is quickly becoming the ideal shipping hub for IT providers and re-sellers worldwide. Not only is Singapore the safest country in the world, its close proximity to Hong Kong, Tokyo, and other major Asian cities has made it the perfect gateway for technology. Singapore has a low risk environment for natural disasters, decreasing the need for extensive disaster recovery strategies; another driving factor for the growth in data centers. Singapore is the home of over 44 data centers with several more under construction.


FGX received a direct drop shipment from the manufacturer, and immediately ran a customs simulation to confirm the equipment met all requirements for import into Singapore. All shipping documents were prepared by our team and sent to Singapore for final approval. Once we received the green light to export, the equipment was tendered on a direct flight into Singapore Changi airport.

While in the air, our customs team in Singapore provided all necessary clearance documents to the local authorities and filed an import permit utilizing our importer of record service. Upon arrival, clearance was expedited and a same day delivery to the data center was achieved.


The shipment was delivered in 3 working days, allowing the client to replace the faulty component and restore their servers to normal operation. FGX was able to fully manage the entire process from start to finish, the client and the end-user in Singapore did not need to be involved in the shipping process.

“I was truly impressed at how fast FGX was able to safely ship much needed backup resources to Singapore.” – Engineering Manager, Infrastructure & Operations, Global Inspection Company