Importer of Record: Serbia

Importer of Record Serbia

FGX’s importer of record service is a turn-key solution for deploying IT hardware into Serbia

A security appliance manufacturer had to deploy RMA hardware to a client’s datacenter in Serbia, but did not have a registered business entity with the necessary import authorizations to clear the gear into the country. Their typical logistics providers were unable to manage an importer of record service into Serbia, and therefore they reached out to FGX. Serbia is a complicated market that has very specific certification requirements for the import of IT infrastructure hardware, particularly for equipment with wireless capabilities.

Upon receiving the part numbers for the equipment, FGX immediately pulled the data-sheet and ran a full customs simulation to confirm if a certificate of conformity was needed. In this case, a certificate was not needed, but if one was required, FGX would procure the necessary documentation from the Serbian Ministry of Telecommunications. If the device wasn’t already registered with the ministry, FGX would also work with the manufacturer of the hardware directly to facilitate the certificate of conformity registration process.

After ensuring the import compliance documentation was in order for this shipment, we utilized our IATA membership to book the shipment on an express routing from New York to Belgrade via direct air freight. Given the destination and the nature of the equipment, FGX cross-checked the recipient information with the consolidated denied parties screening to insure that all US export regulations were being managed thoroughly.

Once the shipment arrived, FGX completed the customs clearance procedures within 2 business days and then arranged last-mile delivery in Belgrade. The total door to door transit time was 4 business days, and the equipment was safely delivered to the end-user’s data center ahead of schedule. Reach out to FGX to learn more about our importer of record services and how we can assist you with technology deployments throughout the Balkan Peninsula.