Time Definite Imports to Jakarta, Indonesia


Client Need

A global social media giant needed to urgently deliver IT hardware to their Jakarta office. After experiencing delays on past shipments, they were looking for a logistics partner that could provide a time-sensitive solution into the country. They also required an Importer of Record Service, as their local business entity was not a registered importer.

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  • Import Documentation Support
  • Direct Door-to-Door Shipping
  • Customs Clearance
  • Importer of Record Services
  • Last Mile Delivery


Southeast Asia’s largest economy is one of the world most exciting emerging markets. A fast-growing young population with a financial system heavily backed by a pro-market central government makes Indonesia a golden opportunity for global businesses. As evidence, 2017 saw the largest net inflow of direct foreign investment in over 7 years. Importing goods into Indonesia requires an importer license. A business entity without an import license cannot import goods into the country. A business can either apply for an import license or utilize an Importer of Record service to import into the country.

The Plan and Execution

1) Direct Door-to-Door Shipping

Our client’s major concern was time. To accommodate the project timeline requirements, we planned the most effective route to minimize transport and customs clearance time. Upon arrival in Jakarta, the shipment was immediately lodged into customs.

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2) Importer of Record / Customs Clearance

FGX’s local team in Jakarta is a frequent importer and was able to clear shipment through customs in 30 days. Once cleared, contact was made with the end-user and the shipment
was delivered the following day.

customs support

The Results

By partnering with FGX, the IT equipment arrived ahead of schedule with little to no client involvement. Knowing that it is possible to effectively shipment IT infrastructure into their international offices put the client in position to strategically set up and refresh their global network to directly support their business. At FGX, we have seen that purchasing domestically and deploying IT hardware to international offices or data centers can save you time and money. To learn more about our “Buy Local – Ship Global” methodology, read our recent client success stories, or contact us today!