Egypt Importer of Record

Mission Critical Data Center Deployment to Egypt

04 . 30 . 18


A social media company needed to deliver technical gear to better support their customer base in Egypt. The arduous document preparation, regulatory, and customs processes required a logistics partner with a unique set of expertise. They also required an Importer of Record service, as their local business entity was not a registered importer and was furthermore not authorized by the Egyptian government to import technology hardware.


Egypt has made it a priority to invest in their telecommunications industry by developing technology parks around the country. The plan is to spur economic growth by attracting multinationals and educating a new generation of young Egyptian entrepreneurs. Global enterprises that wish to gain a foothold in a growing industry are starting to build out their IT infrastructures in Egypt, but difficulties in local sourcing result in delays, and the inability to procure the exact components they need.

Working with an experienced technology deployment partner, like FGX, enables enterprises to procure their gear centrally and export it to Egypt, in a secure, cost effective, and timely manner.


  1. Legalization of Documents
    Shipments to Egypt require a set of attested and legalized Commercial Invoices and Certificates of Origin. Our team of export coordinators handled the process by liaising with the Egyptian Consulate, the local chamber of commerce, county clerk, and state department. The necessary document legalization & attestation was completed without any client involvement.
  2. Direct Door-to-Door Shipping
    Our IAC status allows us to work with any major commercial or car go airline. The shipment was booked on a flight from New York to Cairo and arrived at the destination port in 4 days. Upon arrival, the shipment was lodged into Egyptian customs and began the NTRA approval process.
  3. NTRA Type Approval
    All telecommunications equipment entering Egypt must gain type approval from the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA). FGX reached out directly to each manufacturer to procure the documentation and certificates needed. Once all the paperwork was obtained, our local team worked with NTRA officials to get the gear approved for import.
  4. Importer of Record / Customs Clearance
    FGX’s Importer of Record service allowed our client to import telecommunications gear into Egypt without a having a registered business entity or an import lice nse of their own. Our local team was able to clear the shipment through customs in 5 days after gaining NTRA approval. After clearance, the shipment was recovered from CAI airport and promptly delivered to the destination data center.


All shipments of IT Equipment being imported into Egypt require attested and legalized Commercial Invoices (CI) and Certificates of Origin (COO). Figuring out all the requirements for each agency and procuring the authentications is a time-consuming process.

As a fully managed service, FGX took on the task of procuring the necessary legalizations. First, our export team had the documents notarized. Next, the notarized documents needed a certificate of authentication from the county clerk. Once the notary was authenticated, the next stop was the US State Department to Apostille the documents and verify them for international use. Next, the documents were brought to the local chamber of commerce for attestation with a stamp and seal. Finally, the documents were taken to the Egyptian Consulate, and were legalized for commercial use in Egypt.


FGX allowed the client to purchase all their data center infrastructure domestically in the US and deploy it to Egypt in 3 weeks. Our team of export coordinators were able to swifty legalize all the required documents to to ensure no issues during customs clearance. Once the shipment arrived in Egypt, the NTRA approval process and customs process were fully managed by FGX without any client involvement. In the end, the $500k of data center hardware was delivered 3 days ahead of schedule.

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