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02 . 07 . 18


A global provider of collaborative workspaces needed to deliver personal computing devices to their offices in Buenos Aires. They were under a tight deadline to provide new employees with an onboarding package including laptops, monitors, and accessories. They required a logistics partner experienced with Argentina’s import restrictions along with an Importer of Record service, as their local business entity was not a registered importer.


At the turn of the millennium, the Kirchner era’s “Make it in Argentina” protectionist policies closed the country off from much of the world’s economic activity. Importing electronics became a nightmare with high tariffs and strict regulation and compliance requirements.

The election in 2017 saw a new regime promising free-market reform come to power. They have begun to reduce tariffs and regulations, but Argentina still remains highly regulated. These new economic developments have convinced some foreign entities to invest in Argentina once more.


  1. Import Documentation Support
    • FGX worked closely with local customs experts to obtain the documentation required to import electronics into Argentina well before the devices arrived at our transfer station. We managed all documentation on behalf of our client’s head office in the USA and local office in Buenos Aires.
  2. Gaining Importer / Device Type Approval
    • Imports of electronics need to be approved on both the product and importer level. This means even though a specific device was approved for import into Argentina in the past, each new importer must complete the approval process, which can take up to 90 days. To avoid this waiting period, electronics with external or removable power supplies can be imported (as long as the power component is removed).
  3. Direct Door-to-Door Shipping
    • FGX’s IAC status allows us to work with any major commercial or cargo airline. This shipment was booked on a flight from New York to Buenos Aires and arrived at the destination airport within 3 days. Upon arrival, the shipment was immediately lodged into the customs process.
  4. Importer of Record / Customs Clearance
    • FGX’s local team in Buenos Aires is highly experienced with importing consumer & enterprise grade electronics. Our local business entity is a frequent importer and was able to clear the shipment through customs in 5 working days. After clearance, the shipment was administratively transferred back to the end-user and delivered the following day.


The alternative to importing equipment with a partner like FGX is sourcing in-market. This process of procuring consumer & enterprise grade electronics locally in Argentina can be very difficult. Strict protectionist policies limit the number of technology resellers, causing the supply to be low and inventory to be dated. To further complicate matters, non-authentic items are common, resellers typically hold limited inventory and cannot fulfill enterprise orders on demand.

To make up for the missing inventory, once an order is placed, the vendors proceed to import the rest of the products needed, leading to lengthy delays. Local vendors may also not be fully transparent about their inventory up front, which makes in-market sourcing a non-optimal option when under a tight deadline.


By partnering with FGX, the client was able to purchase the exact equipment they needed in the US, and deploy it into Buenos Aires in 2 weeks. FGX removed the power supplies from the laptops & accessories to facilitate a smooth customs clearance process. We then procured the power supplies locally and delivered the completed onboarding packages to the client’s local office.

The client was ecstatic that their growing team had the tools they needed to support their rapidly expanding footprint across Argentina.

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