Take Complete Control Over Your Global IT Infrastructure.

Why overpay the international VARs and let them control what you do with your hardware? When working with FGX, you'll save money and call the shots.

(Whether you know it or not, you're most likely using international VARs, even if you're working with a VAR in the US. They often re-sell the international VAR network.)

Buyers are captive to the international VAR's solution.

Until FGX, the only solution in foreign markets has been the international VAR solution. This enables them to get away with high margins with no incentive to improve their solutions. Because of the way they operate their supply-chain, you can't configure and secure your hardware until it arrives in-country.

FGX understands the ins-and-outs of the channel.

Why is this important? When you look to buy all your hardware in the US, the channel will put up obstacles, as it protects their best interests. This, however, is against your best interest.

Without a partner who can factually advise and consult on your behalf with the channel, many international projects will fail.

Instead of working with international VARs; purchase everything with your US vendors. Then, FGX's deployment platform will handle the rest, from configuration to delivery.

FGX enables you to treat your IT infrastructure as if it was made of lego blocks.

IT hardware is a commodity, buy it from the cheapest markets on Earth and stack them in any way you’d like, in any way that’s best for you. Then, deploy them wherever you’d like, without constraint.

By centrally purchasing your hardware in the US and then having FGX manage and deploy it, you consolidate your buying power, leverage economies of scale, and you will also have full visibility into what happens at every step of the supply-chain.